How to make voluminous hair

How to make voluminous hair

Voluminous and volume hair is what each woman dreams of. The magnificent hairstyle draws attention, does you more beautiful and more sexual. How to achieve effect of additional volume if your hair are not those by nature?


  1. Use the shampoos, tonics and masks for hair creating volume effect. Today shops offer wide choice of the means increasing volume and revitalizing hair.
  2. That hair became more magnificent at roots – periodically change hair parting location. If you always carry identical hair parting, hair around it lie exactly and do not rise up.
  3. Applying on hair mousses and skins for laying, slightly dry moist hair – it enhances their effect. You dry hairstyle phenom against growth of hair, directing stream of warm air in different directions.
  4. If your hair – thin and easy, do not use gel and wax for giving of form to hairstyle. These means will make your hair heavier and more dim therefore use for maintenance of volume and shape of hair special sprays and varnishes from sprays, directing stream from below up.
  5. The more often you wash the head, the more volume and hair will seem more magnificently. Especially it touches fine and limp hair which becomes soiled quicker dense and strong.
  6. Buying various hair preparations, you watch that they were the easiest on structure and consistence, without overloading hair.
  7. Try to make easy highlighting at the stylist. The Melirovanny lock slightly change the structure and helps to keep splendor of hair, in this regard.
  8. Use the hair dryer with the diffuser. Using the diffuser on moist hair, you will achieve easy curls and volume.
  9. Volume can achieve, tying hair on the top in tail before going to bed. Remove elastic band in the morning – hair at roots will beautifully rise.
  10. Also you can after easy dehumidification phenom twist hair on wide and thick hair curlers and set effect by spray for fixing of volume.
  11. Stack by means of round brush and the hair dryer different locks the ends inside and the ends outside. The hairstyle will seem is more magnificent. It is also possible to pull in the course of drying locks of hair up, and then to sprinkle roots spray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team