How to master incrustation by stones

How to master incrustation by stones

– decoration of products or surfaces patterns or images color or gemstones. One of the most widespread types of incrustation – the Florentine mosaic which is used for decoration of furniture and objects of house situation.


  1. At incrustation on surface the stones cut in previously cut out deepenings, then grind to equal level and polish. This method perfectly is suitable for incrustation of surfaces from soft stones, from tree, from sea shells, bone.
  2. Before incrustation do on paper the full-size working sketch of the image taking into account the available stones. Then the sketch by means of transfer paper is translated to the inlaid surface. That in the course of work the drawing was not erased, it is covered with thin layer of quick-drying varnish then start engraving.
  3. The main tools which are used in engraving are grabshtikhel, boltshtikhel and flakhshtikhel. Grabshtikhel cut the image on perimeter. Boltshtikhel is used for pro-cutting of deepenings. Flakhshtikhel – for final finishing of nests of stones.
  4. Then prepare contours of inserts. Put clean sheet of paper on the engraved surface, lower finger in graphitic dust, then finger a little it shades, pressing graphite into deepenings. As a result on paper contours of nests accurately imprint. Silhouettes of each nest cut out and paste on stones so that the cut-out silhouettes became peculiar templates for cutting of stones. On these templates the stones cut off at first on the cutting machine, and then lead up on peeling and grinding circles.
  5. The prepared stones insert into nests, checking, how precisely they get up in them. If necessary stones are in addition undermined by files. Finally adjusted stones are taken out and greased with mastic from glue and filler – graphite, pounded glass or the sifted ground stone. That color of mastic did not differ from color of the inlaid surface, add gouache or tempera of right color to it.
  6. Having greased nests with mastic, stones wooden block press into nests. The come-out mastic is removed with the wooden pallet. Difficult images with numerous bends and crossing points are supplemented with incrustation from teat. Teat – the painted and prepared bone of pets. The teat is boiled down in water, then in solution of baking soda, degreased, bleached in peroxide of hydrogen and painted with onions peel or brilliant green. Details to teat cut the fret saw and grind file.
  7. Thin elements of incrustation carry out in the form of deepenings in surface which fill with mastic of necessary color. The only nuance at its preparation – filler has to be light: of chalk, for example, or ground plaster. Shades of mastic are given also by means of gouache or tempera. The consistence of mastic has to resemble soft plasticine. In deepenings it is brought the pallet so that there were no smallest emptiness even. After mastic hardening the incrustation is ground and given a high polish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team