How to paste false eyelashes bunches

How to paste false eyelashes bunches

Beauty standard were for a long time the long, fluffy and tightened-up eyelashes which, according to professional makeup artists, give big expressiveness to look, doing it mysterious and sexual. And therefore women at whom eyelashes do not fit this definition have found way out. False eyelashes. Conveniently and at the correct imposing you will practically not distinguish from the presents.


  1. Eventually the range of eyelashes began to blow the mind: the eyelashes bunches extended on various delays, decorated by beads and feathers. Generally, on any captious taste. The main thing – it is correct to paste them. Clarification. Paste eyelashes on the eyelid skin which is already cleaned from make-up and fat-free. Otherwise glue just will not work, and your eyelashes will fall off in the first several seconds.
  2. Combing. Comb the eyelashes precisely to track the direction of their growth. Begin to glue directly from the inside of mobile century, going from nose to external corner. The longest cilia have to fall on external corner.
  3. Take tweezers. With its help raise eyelashes and, having applied glue droplet on bunch, paste it to the basis of the natural eyelashes. Take a little, and try not to blink within several minutes. Then take the following bunch, and repeat process at first.
  4. If you have chosen false eyelashes on tape, then the scheme almost same, only after putting glue on tape, wait for seconds 30 that glue became sticky, and only then prilozhity by century and it is easy to press. In any of cases it is necessary to use liquid eyeliner for century to hide traces of "seam". Ideally also several layers of ink.
  5. Removal of eyelashes. At first remove all make-up and rinse face with hot water. Apply the cotton pad moistened in olive oil to eyelashes to neutralize glue. After that accurately remove eyelashes, holding eyelid. Return the removed eyelashes on support with which they were on sale. So they will keep both form, and appearance before their following use. Do not forget them to wash out before it in not soap water. If it is correct to look after them, then it is possible to use false eyelashes to 5 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team