Thalassotherapy or treatment by seafood

Thalassotherapy or treatment by seafood

Techniques of thalassotherapy becomes more and more popular thanks to indisputable advantage and notable results. But to dare enjoy them not only the people with big prosperity having opportunity to come out to resorts with sea climate, but also visitors of usual beauty shop can.

Thalassotherapy – the method of alternative medicine known still to our ancestors and directed to improvement and treatment of organism by seafood.

This technique is based on use of useful properties and qualities not only the most sea climate (water and air), but also with what the sea is rich: dirt, salts, extracts of plankton and seaweed.  

The range of the procedures which are meant by thalassotherapy is very wide. This technique is directed to the general improvement and strengthening of organism, weight reduction, rejuvenation, relaxation and many other things.

The women wishing to lose the excess weight and to correct figure often resort to procedures thalassotherapy. But besides cosmetic and esthetic results this technique is capable to lead to improvement of organism, recovery of work of internals, nervous system, integuments.

Thalassotherapy refer the following procedures to types:

  • Balneotherapy (treatment steam, shower, bathtub, bath)
  • Heliotherapy (treatment by the sun)
  • Mud cure
  • Kavitoterapiya (inhalations with curative couples, walks in the fresh air)
  • Cryotherapy (treatment by cold)
  • Algoterapiya (treatment by seaweed)
  • Stone therapy (treatment by means of hot stones)

These procedures are capable to render bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, soothing, antifungal influence, to prevent development of tumors and also increases in cholesterol and sugar in blood, to remove waste of exchange processes and surplus of liquid, to eliminate consequences of intoxications, to influence well work of brain, lungs, heart and liver.

Doctors prescribe treatment on the sea coast to patients with diseases of genitals, bronchopulmonary, nervous and cardiovascular systems, diseases of the musculoskeletal device, dermatological problems (out of aggravation).

Unfortunately, not only visit of similar procedures, but also long stay on the coast is possible not for all. Doctors it is contraindicated in cases when chronic diseases become aggravated or there are oncological pathologies. Diabetes, hyperfunction of thyroid gland and allergy to iodine will also make impossible treatment thalassotherapy methods. But anyway it is previously necessary to consult with the qualified specialist.

If for any reason to visit sanatorium or the resort on the sea coast it is not possible in the nearest future, course of procedures of thalassotherapy can be completed in beauty shops, the offering SPA service.

Usually enter the list of services:

  • The pool with sea water (with addition of medical salt from seabed)
  • Kavitoterapiya (in this case receiving sea air happens in the artificial way)
  • Hydromassage (water stream under pressure)
  • Algoterapiya or mud cure (wrapping with addition of the corresponding components)
  • Stone therapy (massage by rich microelements volcanic stones)

It is possible to apply methods of thalassotherapy and in house conditions. It can be bathtubs with sea salt or appliques and wrappings with use of specialized means.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team