How to pin up long hair

How to pin up long hair

The beautiful, shining and well-groomed hair - dream of each woman. Owners of long hair were lucky, from their hair it is possible to do great variety of various hair. Everything is limited only to imagination of the owner of head of hear because great variety of accessories gives huge scope for creation of hairstyles.

It is required to you

  • Hairbrush, elastic band, hairpin, hairpins, hair curlers, nippers, crest, the Chinese sticks, mousse or gel for laying, hairspray.


  1. To create romantic and womanly image, it is rather simple to pin up hair behind, having a little raised side locks and having left small curls free. If to wind tips of hair a little, then it will only emphasize hairstyle romanticism.
  2. The hair collected in high tail should be divided into two equal parts. One part of hair should be wound around another, and then the rest – around the first, but in the opposite direction. The received bunch is fixed by hairpins. For in addition ornament it is possible to use comb or the Chinese sticks.
  3. It is possible to receive beautiful hairstyle, having allocated two small locks at temples, and then having slightly twisted them at the basis in easy flagellums. The left plait twists to the right, and right, therefore – to the left. Ready flagellums connect on nape, are slightly overwound together, and then fixed by beautiful hairpin.
  4. Applying such accessory as the Chinese sticks, it is possible to make small accurate bunch in which not all hair but only their upper part gather on nape. The lower locks of hair remain dismissed. To give to hairstyle charm, it is enough to create curls and easy waves by means of nippers.
  5. From long hair it is possible to create simple evening hairstyle. Hair gather by means of elastic band in tail which, in turn, is divided on 9-10 locks with approximately identical thickness. The fixer is applied on each lock, hair twist in plaits. By means of hairpins the received plaits are pinned up at the tail basis so that to hide elastic band.
  6. Gracefully the hairstyle from locks of the long hair which are pinned up on nape or the top and freely falling down around the person looks. The direction for hair.
  7. For creation of strict laying it is enough to collect hair up and to pin up hairpins. From this both the hard node, and hairstyle with several released curls can turn out. Very long hair can be divided into separate large locks and separately to pin up everyone. Tips of locks can be pinned up invisible beings or to leave free.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team