How quickly to style hair

How quickly to style hair

Practically before each woman daily there is problem, as soon as possible to do hair. There is constantly not enough time for morning collecting: children wait for breakfast, the husband asks to iron shirt, and so there is a wish also to look good at work. You should not despair, effective laying can be made in only a few minutes.


  1. For example, it is possible to use thermohair curlers. Hair curlers need to warm, wind on them locks and to leave for 15-20 minutes, having found time for another matters. The cooled-down hair curlers it is necessary to remove and create hairstyle - to pin up locks hairpins, slightly to shake up. At the end it is worth sprinkling a little hair it is delicious, and laying is ready.
  2. If you have unruly hair, instead of hair curlers it is better to take the iron for hair. To twist easy volume curls, you will not need a lot of time. At first process hair thermoprotective spray for hair, and then, taking away on one lock from roots, stretch the iron on all length, is closer to tips kind of turning out the iron in outer side. As a result, you receive soft curls which it is quite possible to leave in the dismissed look.
  3. To give to hair volume, it is enough to use big round brush, the hair dryer and means for laying. Apply means on even moist hair, separate locks 10 centimeters wide. Wind them on brush and dry phenom, turning hairbrush round its pivot-center. Tips of hair can be twisted quickly inside nippers and or the iron, without having forgotten at the same time about thermoprotective spray.
  4. In case you need to take away hair in hairstyle, you can try such ways: First, it is possible to make always fashionable and relevant horse tail. Pull together hair highly on nape with elastic band, and then wind with lock of hair elastic band and hide under it the remained tip. Besides, the accurate bunch can become good option. For this purpose at first make tail, and then twist it in plait and wind it around elastic band, fixing by hairpins.
  5. The French braid – original and fashionable hairstyle which creation does not demand a lot of time. Comb hair back, around forehead take big lock and divide it into three parts. Begin to braid, gradually taking new locks on each side and interweaving them into the spit. For creation of volume braid it is necessary to take large locks, for thin braid – smaller.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team