How to prepare bath salt

How to prepare bath salt

As it is pleasant to relax after the unlucky working day in bathtub with fragrant salt! Especially, if this salt is mixed by own hands. In house conditions to prepare bath salt it is rather simple, having a little practised, you will be able to make salts not only for yourself, but also as a gift to the friends.

It is required to you

  • - sea salt;
  • - soda;
  • - lavender oil;
  • - dried lavender;
  • - ginger oil;
  • - geranium oil;
  • - petals of roses;
  • - grapefruit oil;
  • - eucalyptus oil;
  • - peppermint oil;
  • - rosemary oil.


  1. If you want to prepare salt for stress relief, mix in bank two hundred grams of sea salt with hundred grams of soda. Drip in salt on five drops of lavender, ginger and geranevy essential oil. To bank densely close cover and leave to infuse within week. In order that oils have better impregnated salt, the bank should stir up daily.
  2. To improve skin color, prepare pink salt. For this purpose you will need two hundred grams of sea salt and petals of five roses. Best of all the roses which are grown up in own garden approach. At least, you will precisely know that they are not impregnated with the preserving structures and dyes which it is possible to face, using petals of the roses which are on sale in the cut-off look in flower shops. Season petals with salt, put in bank, densely screw up cover and properly stir up that salt has mixed up with petals. Deliver to bank for two weeks to the warm place. On one bathtub you will need five tablespoons of such salt.
  3. The bathtub with grapefruit salt will help to cope with the problems connected with oily skin. For its preparation take half a kilo of sea salt and add to it twenty drops of grapefruit essential oil. Infuse salt in densely closed capacity within week. From time to time ware should be stirred up. The prepared salt will be enough for you for two bathtubs.
  4. If you need to cheer up, get to yourself tonic bath salt. To prepare this structure, you will need to mix in bank two glasses of sea salt with six drops of eucalyptus oil, fifteen drops of oil of peppermint and ten drops of oil of rosemary. Keep salt within week in bank with densely closed cover.
  5. To relax before going to bed, take bath with lavender salt. To prepare such salt, take three cups of sea salt, two tablespoons of soda and fifteen drops of lavender oil. Pour out mix in bank, add a little dried lavender and leave to infuse for week.

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