How to prepare mask for hair from burdock oil and red pepper

How to prepare mask for hair from burdock oil and red pepper

Health and beauty of hair depend on correctness of care for head of hear. Such care is not limited only to washing of hair: they also need moistening and nutrition. For this purpose use the purchased or prepared in house conditions cosmetics. The mask for hair from red pepper and burdock oil has remarkably proved.

Features of the cosmetic prepared from burdock oil and burning pepper

Red pepper is unique the fact that it is rich with capsaicin – substance which accelerates blood circulation in head skin. Thanks to strengthening of blood-groove, roots of hair receive more oxygen and nutrients that in turn well affects condition of hair and accelerates their growth. Besides, at burning pepper there are calcium, potassium, vitamins of groups B and A and also other active agents so necessary for health of head skin and hair.

As for burdock oil, it is vitamin-rich And, With, E, RR and groups B and also complex of the mineral substances and other active elements having positive impact on hair and head skin. So, inulin – the polysaccharide which is present at chemical composition of burdock oil – carefully covers each hair, creating protective film thanks to what hair become stronger and stronger.

Perfectly recovers the injured hair, strengthens them and feeds with valuable substances burdock oil: it is recommended to apply on hair for hour before washing.

Cosmetic from burdock oil and burning pepper for hair

To prepare this mask, the following components will be necessary: - 100 ml of burdock oil; - 10 g of red pepper. The crushed red pepper is mixed with the burdock oil which is warmed up on water bath to room temperature. The nutritious structure is applied on hair before washing of the head, and cover with it only radical system. 13-15 minutes later oil and pepper mix wash away warm water with shampoo. But recommend to do this mask not more often than 2 times a month, alternating to the moisturizing cosmetics. At will the structure can be enriched with natural honey. Honey makes excellent impact on head skin: he removes irritation, moves away naggers and reddening and also remarkably struggles with dandruff.

It is necessary to apply oil and pepper mix accurately, it is worth avoiding hit of this means on face skin.

Cosmetic which recipe is as follows has similar effect: - 1 tablespoon of pepper tincture; - egg yolk; - 1 tablespoons of burdock or castor oil. The yolk is slightly shaken up (before emergence of gentle foam), mix it with oil and pepper tincture. Further accurately massage movements apply nutritious gruel to head skin. The head is covered with food wrap and warmed terry towel. No more than 30 minutes hold mask, then wash away warm water with shampoo.

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