How to provide skin care around eyes

How to provide skin care around eyes

Eyes are window to the soul and epicenter of external attraction therefore women dream to have skin around eyes well-groomed and young. However after thirty years the first wrinkles in this zone due to the lack of subcutaneous fat begin to appear. Begin to pay attention to skin around eyes from early age, it is simpler to prevent problem, than then to struggle with wrinkles.

  • - soft cream or gel;
  • - make-up remover milk;
  • - cotton tampons;
  • - potatoes;
  • - parsley;
  • - camomile;
  • - gauze;
  • - calendula flowers.

1. Very much show consideration for the choice of skin care products around eyes. For this purpose lungs and the moisturizing gels and creams and also special natural oils which are on sale in drugstores will approach. Their choice is very big therefore it is possible to choose for itself the most suitable means (according to age and features of skin). Pay special attention to composition of cosmetics as eyelids can swell up a little and redden if lanolin is part of cream. It is preferable that creams contained vitamins E, With and And yes also copper and Retinolum. These substances work slowly, but is effective, getting deep into skin and stimulating production of collagen thanks to which skin around eyes becomes more elastic.

2. Cream in tube keeps longer the useful properties as interacts with oxygen less (what cannot be told about cream in jar). You apply cosmetics on area century twice a day, in the morning after washing and in the evening after removal of make-up. You apply gel or cream with small pillow of ring finger, the accurate tapping and easy movements. Do not rub means, thereby you can stretch gentle skin.

3. The good effect on skin around eyes is rendered by its wipings by ice cube. This procedure perfectly moisturizes the skin and tones up it, increasing elasticity and elasticity, strengthening blood inflow. Besides, ice will help to spill finally in the morning and to feel much more vigorously. For preparation of cubes pour in special molds or packages for ice preparation clear drinking water. For obtaining the best result it is possible to freeze broth of camomile, parsley or mint. The camomile will have the anti-inflammatory and calming effect, will make your eyelids more elastic. Parsley prevents emergence of wrinkles and improves blood circulation in vessels.

4. Grate one average and peeled potatoes on small grater, add the parsley greens crushed in the blender to gruel. Carefully mix ingredients, turn in layer of gauze and apply to area of eyes. In twenty minutes wash warm flowing water and grease skin with special soft cream or gel.

5. Compresses from flowers of calendula prevent formation of wrinkles as this plant very richly organic acids, essential oils and carotene. For preparation of compress you will need tablespoon of flowers which should be filled in with glass of boiled water, to cover and insist within thirty minutes. Filter infusion, moisten in it cosmetic disks or cotton tampons and apply to the closed centuries for fifteen minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team