How to recover hair after chemotherapy

How to recover hair after chemotherapy

The intensive hair loss is one of side effects of chemotherapy. At favorable outcome of disease after the termination of procedures the follicles are restored. As a rule, growth of hair is stabilized in 5-6 weeks after the end of therapy. Besides, there are several ways to accelerate this process.


  1. It is very important to look after correctly hair, both during intensive therapy, and after it. Refuse coloring, wave, drying phenom and also hot hair dressing. More precisely, refuse any actions which can damage or weaken them. It is possible to wash the head only with warm water and only as necessary. It is necessary to pick up soft shampoo, it is possible even children's.
  2. Take for the rule to perform regular massage of the head. Start the strengthened massaging of the head, beginning from forehead, then slowly move ahead towards temples, then to nape. Keep in mind that your influence has to be so intensive that head skin flushed. It is necessary to notice that this procedure should be carried out only when there are no hair at all. Otherwise massage will lead to loss of remained.
  3. One couple of hours prior to washing of the head do massage of head skin with use of burdock, olive or urticaceous oils. Then put on the head hat for shower (usual cellophane will approach), over which it is necessary to reel up terry towel. After two hours wash up the head soft shampoo. For bigger efficiency of the procedure it is better to use the oil containing vitamins, ceramides, proteins, etc. In principle, you can add independently to oil on several drops of specially picked up essential oils. They perfectly feed hair follicles and if do not prevent hair loss, then for certain will accelerate growth new, dense and healthy.
  4. When you houses, it is recommended to wear constantly rubber hat or hard tape.
  5. Do not forget to drink systematically strengthening broths on the basis of dogrose, linen seed, barley, oats, etc.
  6. Apply grass conditioners to hair and also you put masks from gruel of such plants as nettle, celandine, camomile, horsetail and so forth.
  7. You apply on hair mask from propolis tincture which can be bought in any drugstore.
  8. Mix yolk with honey tablespoon. Apply mix to head skin, the remains - on eyebrows and face. Not earlier, than in hour wash away everything warm water without shampoo.

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