How to remove bristle

How to remove bristle

men, and women sometimes aim to get rid of excess body hair, desire it is aggravated at the time of emergence after depilation of bristle. To turn process of its removal if not for pleasure then in tolerant process, follow some simple rules.


  1. Before shaving purify skin, using gel or soap which do not dry epidermis. Give preference to the means containing compounds of silicone, then the razor will better slide. If you use the dangerous razor or the machine, then in the beginning several times rinse skin with hot water to soften bristle.
  2. If hair very rigid, then make hot compress, impose on skin for several minutes napkin, previously having moistened it in hot water. Then carefully soap the softened hair, using for this purpose special shaving cream. Take this foamy cream 2-3 minutes that its special components have begun to work.
  3. Take the razor. Rinse with hot water edge, conduct it exactly on skin in the direction of growth of hair. As often as possible rinse razor edge, then cuts at you will be less. 
  4. When stop having a shave, rinse face with cool water, wash away residues of foam, blot skin with towel and apply cream, gel after shaving. For sensitive  use the means containing the calming components, extracts from scarlet, camomiles, turns. If you have problem skin, there are eels, buy means in which there are bactericidal substances.
  5. If you use the electrorazor, then before shaving wash up skin and carefully wipe, it during shaving has to be dry. Do not press the razor strongly, and move it against growth of hair by short movements. If there is irritation, then powder skin talc or children's powder. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team