How to remove excess centimeters hips

How to remove excess centimeters hips

be harmonious and beautiful – dream practically of each woman. Excess centimeters sometimes become barrier on the way of achievement of this dream. Some constantly deal with this problem, and others have just sharply wanted to change image and to become in a moment irresistible and harmonious. So, what are ways, to get rid of unnecessary centimeters on hips – in one of the most widespread places of adjournment of fat?


  1. DietaNekotorye is considered that it is senseless to keep to diet, but it not so. Only diets for fast weight loss are useless at elimination of fat deposits on hips. For achievement of result it is necessary to adhere to several principles of food constantly: • There are many fruit and vegetables (ideally, they have to make 2/3 from that food that is used in day). • To reduce the use of salt and seasonings (they detain liquid in organism). • To monitor sufficient consumption of vitamin E (contains in eggs and vegetable oil). • To reduce consumption of bread (to 5 pieces a week) and to replace it with bread in which there are bran.· to drink about two liters of water a day (water washes away slags and toxins from organism). • Once a week to arrange fasting day.
  2. MassazhBez it it is impossible to reduce the sizes in hips – massage promotes good blood circulation and combustion of fat. The efficiency will be visible if to do massage daily (better in the morning and in the evening). Wrong opinion: the stronger to knead and pound skin, the better. Such influence can, both bruises to leave, and to stretch skin. It is correct to pound skin hands, soft brush or massage mitten that there were no painful feelings. It is necessary to pound in the direction from below-up. Doing massage regularly, it is possible to see effect already in few weeks.
  3. The UprazhneniyaHoroshiy result can be achieved by means of run, jumping on jump rope, swimming and driving the bicycle. Of course, provided that exercises will regularly be carried out too. At run it is possible to shroud hips in film and then, this problem site will sweat, and with then there is liquid which was in fatty tissues. As a result, the volume of hips will decrease.
  4. ObertyvanieS the help of wrapping improves metabolism and blood circulation accelerates. Also, not only loss of several centimeters in volume of hips, but also excellent condition of skin is provided. For bigger efficiency, it is necessary to drink (to and throughout the procedure) several liters of water. Then together with water there will be more hazardous substances. During wrapping and after it it is not necessary to eat – let the stomach be engaged in clarification. After the procedure it is necessary to avoid hit of the sun on skin. It is possible to use this method no more than 3 times a week, and it has number of contraindications.
  5. Complex and regular application of these methods will help to achieve effective result and to turn old dream into reality!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team