How to remove red hair color

How to remove red hair color

experiments with appearance and hair color do not result in desirable results. This situation is not palatable, but is familiar to those women who prefer to paint hair independently, without addressing professionals. It is not so simple to improve situation and to get rid of red hair color sometimes as can seem at first sight, but nevertheless it is possible.

It is required to you

  • - hair-dye;
  • - washing of paint;
  • - oils (olive, almond, burdock, linen);
  • - cognac or beer;
  • - honey.


  1. If to you has already cloyed red hair color or just does not approach, it is possible to recolour head of hear in more dark shade, for example, chocolate or dark-chestnut. Address for consultation the professional hairdresser, he will help to pick up the necessary tone.
  2. Make washing of paint from hair in house conditions, however, several such procedures can be required. Practically all removers contain chemicals and oxidizers, they are identical on action, but more expensive incorporate the looking after components which help hair to struggle with such stress. Part remover according to the instruction and apply on hair by means of brush, evenly distribute and leave for half an hour. Then wash away warm water with shampoo and apply balm.
  3. The remover ruthlessly harms your hair therefore after recovery of natural color provide high-quality care within month. Humidify and feed hair, use the masks prepared from natural products (without addition of chemistry). Refrain from use of the hair dryer, the iron and the curling iron until hair are recovered.
  4. It is possible to get rid of red shade of hair in house conditions, without resorting at the same time to influence of chemical medicines. Rub in hair burdock, almond, olive or linseed oil with addition of small amount of cognac or beer. Use such mask in three hours prior to washing of the head. Camomile broth also helps to clarify hair slightly.
  5. The honey mask is one of the most effective for recovery of hair color. Densely grease head of hear with honey, wrap the head film and warm scarf, leave for long time, it is desirable for the night. In the morning carefully wash out hair. Applying this folk remedy within week, you will get rid of unnecessary shade and improve condition of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team