How to remove reddening after suntan

How to remove reddening after suntan

Bronze skin looks very attractively and seductively therefore some people prefer to luxuriate for hours under direct sunshine, becoming covered by equal suntan. In such pursuit of beauty it is possible to get instead of smart suntan burns in the form of redness. Try to take measures for removal of reddenings as soon as possible.

It is required to you

  • - panthenol;
  • - Rescuer ointment;
  • - aloe;
  • - olive oil;
  • - cream or sour cream;
  • - sea-buckthorn juice or oil.


1. Of course, it is easier to prevent emergence of redness after suntan, than then to try to remove it. Therefore it is so important to follow the basic rules of stay under the scorching sunshine. Always grease skin before reception of solar bathtubs with special means of protection with the high SPF level. After suntan bathe and grease skin with special lotion, cream or milk.

2. To accelerate process of healing of solar burns and to remove redness, use the most popular and effective medicines. In fight against reddening of skin the pharmaceutical means containing panthenol became demanded. They possess the expressed cooling action, promote restoration and healing of skin cells. Such means are issued in the form of ointments, creams and sprays. For processing of all body it is more convenient to use spray. Rescuer ointment - excellent means for treatment of solar burns. Its main properties include the antibacterial, regenerating, anesthetizing and calming action on skin.

3. Juice of leaves of aloe which contain the substances promoting removal of inflammation and pain syndrome and also skin healing will help to remove redness after suntan. Cut off couple of leaves of aloe, wash up them and crush, wring out juice and grease problem places. If you have no house of this miracle plant, then it is possible to buy in drugstore gel or cream on the basis of aloe. Use olive oil for fight against solar burns. Apply olive oil of the first extraction on affected areas of skin, slightly rub and leave before full absorption. If necessary it is possible to repeat the procedure again.

4. Perfectly skim off skin reddening heavy cream or sour cream. Immediately grease skin after reception of shower, you will at once lighten, burning will quickly fall down. In hour wash away sour cream from body and apply the moisturizing or nutritious cream to which it is necessary to add a little sea-buckthorn juice or oil (this berry perfectly struggles with solar burns).

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