How to straighten chemical wave

How to straighten chemical wave

The chemical wave allows hair to hold fine form quite long time. Its shortcoming consists in harm which it does to hair. However sometimes after all there is desire to get rid of it and again to receive straight hair.

It is required to you

  • The iron rectifier for hair, the hair dryer, the fixing hair preparations, money for visit of beauty shop.


  1. Use chemical method of straightening of hair. This procedure takes place in salon. At first the master applies special structure on locks, and then begins to straighten brush them, fixing at the same time them gel or varnish on all length. Lack of this way is harm which it does to hair. Therefore women with the weak or splitting hair are not recommended to apply it.
  2. Use BIO-hair straightening. The professional master can also make this method. Today it is the straightening method which is the most sparing for hair as does not contain ammonia and thioglycolic acid, providing at the same time long-term straightening. But also apply it far not everywhere, and its price is quite high.
  3. Use thermal method. Advantage of this method is that it can be applied both in salon, and in house conditions. In comparison with chemical, this way which was also more sparing. The special iron rectifier for hair which by means of high temperature helps to achieve desirable effect is for this purpose used. It is the best of all to choose the device with ceramic surface as it does less harm for hair. Take the iron small lock and carry out by the device on all length of hair, beginning from tips. Do not leave the iron for a long time on one place, otherwise you can burn hair. After the procedure is finished, set result by special means, for example wax, varnish, mousse or gel. The lack of this method is that after each washing of the head this method should be repeated.
  4. Use the hair dryer for hair straightening. For longer effect apply balm, cream or means to laying. Put the chosen means on all length of hair. Now it is possible to dry their phenom, slightly pulling locks. Also it is impossible to call this method long-term, it should be repeated after each washing of the head.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team