How to treat the cracked lips

How to treat the cracked lips

With approach of winter such trouble as the cracked lips comes. Cold wind, the first frosts and set of other reasons negatively affect gentle skin of lips that leads to painful feelings and unattractive appearance. It is possible to cure the cracked lips, using several methods.


1. Stop licking lips on the street. The unpleasant dryness on lips leads to their frequent licking. It is strictly forbidden to be done. Fleeting simplification will cost you deteriorations in condition of lips. Also try not to drink and is not on cold.

2. Grease lips with oils. Best of all olive and sea-buckthorn oils will be suitable for these purposes. They nourish and moisten gentle skin of lips, have wound healing effect. Use oil as soon as possible, several times a day.

3. Smear lips with honey. This salutary product will help to remove all cracks, will moisturize the skin, having given it additional food vitamins. It is better to use honey before going to bed. In night it will completely be absorbed, and in the morning you will lighten.

4. Spend on drink vitamins. The cracked lips - sign of lack of vitamins A, E and V. Obratites to the druggist, it will help to pick up the complex of vitamins containing necessary to you.

5. Use hygienic lipstick before exit to the street. It is better to get them in drugstore. The huge range will allow to choose to you taste, smell, color and other. There are lipsticks which are not leaving marks and gloss at all that it is useful to men with problem lips. Try to choose lipstick which part oils and vitamin complexes are.

6. Do masks for lips. Grate a little apple on small grater, mix with butter or sour cream. Apply mix on lips and lie down with it 10-15 minutes. You carry out this procedure every day to absolute recovery.

7. Use antibacterial and wound healing ointments at the strong bleeding cracks. Serious wounds on lips can lead to entering in them of infections therefore at once begin to apply ointments with antibacterial effect.

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