How to try on hair color

How to try on hair color

They say that the woman who has decided to change the life first of all changes color of the hair. It is the easiest way to change the shape. Correctly picked up shade of hair will draw attention to the person and will emphasize female beauty. To avoid disappointments after coloring and need of correction of color, pick up suitable shade, having used less cardinal methods.


  1. Use coloring shampoo or unstable hair-dye. If the chosen shade does not suit you, it will be very simple to correct it – enough only several times to wash the head. The semi-resistant tinting paints are safe for hair as they contain small amount of ammonia and oxidizers. Their shortcoming is that they are washed away in the rain or after bathing, soil towels and pillowcases. Owners of blond hair should treat such dyes carefully – they can be absorbed so strongly that their long time will be not to wash away.
  2. Visit shop where wigs are on sale and try on various options. Thus you can pick up not only suitable color, but also hairstyle form. In the online stores specializing in sale of wigs it is possible to order the samples of hair representing set of locks of the main shades. Dark are provided in flowers from black to chestnut-colored, fair-haired – from natural fair-haired to its various shades. Light locks vary from white to the golden blonde, red – from reddish-fair-haired to dark-chestnut.
  3. Pick up suitable hair color by means of the Adobe Photoshop program. Open in it the photo. Click on icon of Quick Mask located in the lower part of the toolbar. In the menu of settings choose Selected Areas value. Take average brush with soft edges and paint over it hair, if necessary reducing or increasing the brush size. Allocate hairstyle, having pressed key Q on the keyboard. Paint over the areas which have remained not allocated brush, superfluous erase eraser, having returned to the Quick Mask mode. Having pressed combination of the Ctrl+J keys on klaiatura, create new layer from allocation. Apply the Image-Adjustments-Color Balance team, or press on the Ctrl+B keyboard. In window color settings will appear. Experimenting with the offered parameters, you can pick up several suitable options of hair color.
  4. Use special programs for selection of color: Coiffeur, Salon Styler Pro, Virtual Visage, MAGGI - hairstyles and make-up, eImagePro. With their help it is possible to experiment with hairstyle, hair color, to pick up suitable make-up and accessories, to change color of eyes, to pick up suitable form of glasses and even to simulate results of plastic procedures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team