How to clean a cache in the Opera browser

How to clean a cache in the Opera browser

The cache of the browser is intended for information storage from the visited pages. At repeated run a part of data is not downloaded again, and comes from a cache that accelerates loading. Sometimes, at emergence of any errors, the user has a need to clean a cache.

It is required to you

  • - knowledge of the interface of the browser;
  • - CCleaner program.


1. For cache flush of the Opera browser you can use several versions of this procedure. As there are different versions of the browser, the specific sequences of commands can differ a little. If one option did not work, just try another.

2. Open "Service" - "Delete personal data". The window will open, in it press the button of the revealing list. Note in this list a tick the Cache point, remove from all other points of a tick. Click "Delete", the cache will be cleaned. It is the simplest and convenient option. You can delete likewise and other data which are present at the list.

3. Pass on the way "Service" - "General settings" - "Expanded" - "History". Click "Clean" near the Disk cache point. Also you can note a birdie the Clean at an Output point - in this case the cache will be automatically cleaned at completion of operation of the browser.

4. Enter the Opera command in an address bar of the browser: about. In the displayed information find path to a cache. After that open the specified folder and delete all its contents.

5. Use the CCleaner program. With its help it is possible to clean the computer from old unnecessary information including to clean a cache at all the attendee at the computer of browsers. It is especially convenient if you have to remove all information on the work on the computer.

6. Do not forget that the cache is very important and readily available "proof" capable to tell the experienced user about what sites you visit. If you do not want someone to spy on you, in time clean a browser cache. Besides, clean also the log of the visited pages. In "Opera" for this purpose it is enough to click with a mouse at the left edge of a window. The side bar will open. Find the History point in it, then click with the right mouse button the selected period (today, yesterday, this week, this month, earlier) and select in the opened Delete context menu.

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