Works on personal plot from January to June

Works on personal plot from January to June

The earth has frozen, and the nature has plunged into hibernation. Despite this, to owners of the parcels is what to be engaged.


1. Become longer than YanvarDni, strengthening anticipation of joy of garden works. Time to plan new beds, landscaping and to order sowing material. Also at emergence of frosts and abundances of snow bushes and plants need to be saved from frostbite, for this purpose it is necessary to cover plants with snow and fir-tree branches.

2. Fevralv days, when there is no strong frosts, carry out cutting of fruit trees. Patients and the dead branches delete, thin out crowns. Remove ukryvny material from trees. Since the end of February it is possible to begin cultivation of seedling of some plants: celery, red pepper, tomatoes, eggplants, leek and other cultures.

3. MartEsli in March already temperature allows, begin preparation of beds: delete weeds together with roots, loosen the earth and stack compost layer. In warm regions it is possible to plant peas, grade carrots ""chastener"" and garden radish at this time. Plants land directly in beds and cover with nonwoven cloth. At the end of the month if the earth dry, it is possible to begin care for lawn. Seeds skarifitsirut (for the best growth of seeds they are frayed with sawdust or sand), do having sat down on naked sites.

4. AprelProizvodit hardening of seedling. For this purpose in warm days flower and vegetable seedling is put at several o'clock on air. Frigostable plants as, for example, anatsiklusa and sheet beet mangold, land directly in bed. Plant grassy perennials.

5. MayPosle of frosts in May (from May 11 to May 15) can plant such sensitive vegetable grades as zucchini, red pepper and tomatoes in soil. It is regularly necessary to pasynkovat the last (removal of side escapes). If to plant raspberry in the spring, then in the fall it will be able already to fructify. In May it is also possible to expose on balcony the Mediterranean plants in tubs (oleander, citrus, bugenvilliya).

6. IyunChtoba the wild strawberry did not decay, it should be laid on layer of dry straw. The mulch from compost, humus or mowed grass will help to limit growth of weeds in beds and to keep the earth of damp.

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