Than it is better to clean heels: pumice, machine and other options

Than it is better to clean heels: pumice, machine and other options

Rough heels can turn out to be consequence of dryness of skin, long pastime in the sun and standing, wearing open footwear, synthetic socks, insufficient leaving. To save legs from crust on heels it will not turn out from the first, it is necessary to use complex of means during some period of time which duration will depend on neglect of situation.

Not to allow formation of firm raid on heels, it is necessary to follow some rules. So, before acceptance of solar bathtubs it is necessary to protect feet the moistening structures, also periodic active massage with fat nutritious cream will help. From time to time it is necessary to do foot baths and masks.

Solution for clarification of heels

To make skin of heels soft, it is necessary to add vinegar to warm water, in such solution of leg it is necessary to leave for 15 minutes. Further it is necessary to use soft brush which will help to make massage. For especially coarsened sites it is necessary to use rigid brush. Then legs should be lowered in cold water for 15 seconds, to wipe them, and in half an hour to smear with cream.

Use of pumice and pedicure machine

Pumice and the machine can be used not only as independent means for clarification of heels, but also together with the structures prepared by the hands. For this purpose it is necessary to dissolve couple of teaspoons of soda in 1 liter of water, having added 1 tablespoon of liquid soap to structure. Components should be shaken up before receiving magnificent foam, and after to place in leg solution, having taken them there before softening of skin which can be cleaned later pumice, pedicure brush or the special machine. Solution of white clay will help to soften skin before use of mechanical clarification of heels, it needs to be placed in warm water, and after to lower legs there for 20 minutes. It is possible to use alternatively and solution of starch in number of 2 tablespoons, powder needs to be dissolved in 1 liter of water, bath duration – 20 minutes. After heel it is possible to clean with not too rigid brush which can be replaced with bast.

Folk remedy against rough heels

Before application of means of foot it is necessary to process pedicure brush, having dried skin towel. For preparation of structure it is necessary to add acetic essence to vial of glycerin which is sold by incomplete, the received mix needs to be stirred up and greased with it heels. For bigger efficiency of means it is necessary to put on cellophane packages legs, having tied small knots on ankles, atop it is necessary to put on socks. It is recommended to do the procedure for the night or during the day for 40 minutes. After influence of structure, leather can be processed brush that will allow to get rid of the softened particles. Further it needs to be greased with cream. Such means can be used also as prevention of times in one-two weeks.

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