How free of charge to get rid of pimples

How free of charge to get rid of pimples

Looking at the reflection, some people are dissatisfied. Every day on face more and more pimples develop. It is possible to get rid of them by means of the procedures which are carried out in cosmetology clinics. But what to do to those, who has on it no means? It is necessary to build competent face skin care.


1. First of all establish the reason of appearance of pimples. It can be provoked by allergy. Also inflamed formations appear at teenage age when the hormonal background changes.

2. If pimples have developed after contact with allergen, exclude it. Take medicines, for example, Suprastin, Lomilang.

3. Pick up the correct face skin care. At first clean it, it is necessary to do it twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. If you have oily skin, for clarification use orange or lemon. Grate fruit together with dried peel, add two glasses of vodka (500 ml). Cover with towel the container with mix, put for week to the dark place. After that filter tincture, add one glass of water and teaspoon of glycerin. Wipe with this lotion face twice a day.

4. If you have dry skin, for clarification use vegetable or olive oil. Before application warm up it on water bath. Also you can use infusion from mint. For its preparation you need to take 1 tablespoon of dried leaves of plant, to fill in with boiled water (250 ml) and to put for half an hour to the dark place.

5. The combined skin also needs clarification. Take one tablespoon of the crushed plantain, add three dining rooms the sucker of water and one spoon of honey. Carefully mix everything. After that apply mix, later the 15th mine wash away warm water.

6. After clarification moisturize face skin. For this purpose use herb infusions, for example, from camomile, sage, mint, marjoram. Also you can do moisturizing masks of glycerin, sour creams, cucumbers. Remember that the moistening means needs to be rubbed in skin before its full absorption.

7. To get rid of pimples, do compresses of calendula infusion. For this purpose mix tablespoon of inflorescences with two glasses of boiled water. Let's mix infuse within half an hour. After that make lotions on problem sites.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team