Three golden rules that the breast became magnificent and beautiful

Three golden rules that the breast became magnificent and beautiful

Magnificent and beautiful breast - it is always attractive and fashionable. The big bust attracts attention of men therefore many women aim to emphasize this part of body, using various cunnings and tricks.

Many girls and women aim to make more expressive area of breast to draw attention of opposite sex. The nature has presented someone magnificent bust 3-4 sizes more, and others resort to various ways that though to increase a little the delights. It can be done in the surgical way - simple but expensive reception, and risky. It is a little simple to increase, it is necessary to look after correctly body, not only breast that skin was velvety and gentle. For achievement of the best result it is necessary to follow three golden rules of care for bust.

Rule first - healthy nutrition. It is necessary to consider the diet and to make some amendments. All those products which contain sugar, caffeine, alcohol and another to minimize or at all to exclude. And to add or double more useful - cereals, vegetables, fruit, fish, dietary meat, greens. It is necessary to undergo inspection, to thereby learn what important components and vitamins are not enough for you. Still it is possible to be guided by the principle there are all moderately. When you begin to eat and adhere properly to the main menu, you will notice that became much better to look. Gloss in eyes, beautiful skin color, good health! Do not pull and begin properly to eat right now.

Rule second - physical exercises.

Complex of physical exercises for pulling up of breast.1 - to Put palms before itself, holding elbows at the level of breast. Into three accounts strongly to press the bases of palms at each other then to lower hands. To repeat 10 time.2 - to Link fingers of hands, holding elbows at the level of breast. Into three accounts try to part hands in the parties. To repeat 10 time.3 - to Be driven into the corner and to press strongly hands. Situation as if you want to be wrung out, at the same time be late for 15 seconds and repeat 10 time.4 - Squeezing from floor. Begin squeezing being kneeling or lean hands against sofa. Carry out on 5, and then pass to 10 squeezing from floor. In one or two weeks you learn to be wrung out correctly, and your breast will tell you thanks. It is ideal to execute 3 approaches on 15 squeezing.5 - Exercises with dumbbells or from 1.5 l the bottles filled with water. Lay down on floor, part hands, and then with cargo you cramp them extended 15 times. At the last approach leave them in vertical position and bend, tightening to breast, 15 more time.6 - Lying on floor, raise hands with cargo along trunk as if the moth waves wings. Also approaches on 15 times. It is necessary to remind that all exercises are carried out by approaches.7 - the Bridge. Lying on spin, put hands in basic position and lift basin. At the same time try to be late as long as possible. This excellent exercise for breast muscles. Rule third - masks and massage. Those masks which we use for the person can be applied also to breast, for example, moistening or bleaching. Also there are special masks for increase in breast which can be got in drugstore or to prepare. 1 - Broth from cones of hop and marjoram. To boil 1/3 glasses 12 minutes. To grease area of breast, without touching pacifier. For obtaining result to do mask of 6 months.2 - to Crush walnuts, to add honey and several drops of lemon. Nourishes skin and increases breast.3 - to Make apple puree, to add honey and olive oil.4 - Small amount of cones of hop to fill in with olive oil and to insist 15 days. To rub with the received oil breast within 15 minutes. And here we will smoothly pass to massage of breast, thereby finishing complex of three golden rules of care for bust.1 - the Hydromassage. To increase pressure of cool water in soul and to direct stream around breast three minutes. Then to weaken pressure and to start up warmer water, just pouring over breasts for comfortable feeling.2 - the Adjusting massage for increase in breast. It is necessary to take camomile cream which in itself has property to increase chest glands and it is softly rubbed in skin over breast. We mass to the center, and under breast - from the center to axillary hollows. We do massage of 3-5 minutes.3 - Increase in breast by meditation. We sit down in Turkish, we relax, we take 3 deep breaths and slow exhalation. We close eyes and we represent as your blood flows to breast. As soon as you feel heat in your bust, begin to represent that the breast grows. Try to hold as long as possible condition of rest and heat in breast, and then gradually you depart from this state. The most important and necessary in golden rules of bust is to carry out everything in complex, is regular also with good mood! Good luck all!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team