We remove fat layer from the most problem zone - stomach bottom

We remove fat layer from the most problem zone - stomach bottom

It is possible to remove fat layer in the bottom of stomach by correction of food and use of cosmetics. The big contribution to weight loss of area of waist will be brought by special exercises.

To remove fat in the bottom of stomach often happens very difficult because it rather "stubborn" and hard gives in to correction by trainings. It is necessary to solve this problem in a complex, having refused harmful food, having called to the aid special cosmetics and having begun to carry out exercises on the lower press.

Speaking about food, it is necessary to explain at once that there is no special diet directed to disposal of fat only in the bottom of stomach. Women, whose waist measurement exceeds 80 cm, and men with parameters over 95 cm need to reconsider completely the diet, having refused "fast" food, semi-finished products, fat, hot and salty dishes. To reduce consumption of sweets, farinaceous food and salt. To steam food or to bake in oven. To eat fractionally – 5–6 times a day, but not to starve at all, and to have a bite more often, but to use for this purpose not sandwiches, but fruit and vegetables. If to begin to observe these recommendations, daily consuming 1.5 liters of liquid and having taken for the rule to go to bed, having drunk glass of kefir, fat on stomach will begin to thaw slowly but surely.

To prevent emergence of extensions and to raise skin tone during this period special cosmetics which can be bought in shop will help or to prepare in house conditions. Big efficiency wrappings with clay, honey, seaweed, apple cider vinegar and essential oils have. It is necessary to look after himself daily, and then the result will not keep itself waiting long.

Before application of wrappings to steam out skin in the bathroom and to process it srub.

But the most effective way of disposal of fat in the bottom of stomach are physical exercises. Big efficiency usual inclinations in the parties have. At the beginning this exercise can be carried out with the hands located on belt, and later to get dumbbells. Such simple movement as rotation by hips around, too can bring positive result if to do it within 10 minutes.

It is better for dumbbell to buy with removable disks that it was possible to control loading.

Jumpings up with serial pulling up of knees as above to breast perfectly is possible train the lower press, as well as all familiar exercise "Scissors". The main condition of performance of this training – not to tear off waist from floor. And it is necessary to imitate driving of the bicycle as low as possible from its surface - so that tension of the lower press was felt. Qualitatively such exercise will help to work the lower press: to sit down on chair, to hold back directly, to pull in stomach. Into the account of "times" to tighten knees to breast, into the account "two" to straighten legs. To repeat 10–15 times and not to put all this time of leg for floor, and to hold them on weight. Good efficiency exercise "Level" has. It allows to work practically all available muscles therefore it is recommended to be carried out to the persons inclined to obesity. It is considered one of the few exercises allowing to get rid of fat in the bottom of stomach. To lay down on floor facedown. Into the account of "times" to pass into emphasis lying, leaning against floor the hands and toes bent in elbows. To hold back straight line. Despite the seeming ease to hold on in such situation at least minute rather hard. It is possible to complicate it, having raised one straightened leg up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team