What cost of rent of the apartment in Tokyo

What cost of rent of the apartment in Tokyo

the cost of rent of apartments in Tokyo there are many myths. It is considered that in this city it is necessary to pay fantastic sums for rent of the apartment. It not quite is true.

Capital prices

Traditionally the sizes of the Japanese apartments are measured in tatami. It is the area measure corresponding to the rice mat tense on wooden frame. Such mats are used as floor covering in the majority of the Japanese houses.

The smallest apartments in Tokyo begin with the size in three or four tatamis, that is their area does not exceed six square meters. In such apartments most often there is no shower, however, it is possible to live in them. Besides, to their small size there corresponds the low cost of rent — about three hundred dollars a month.

Rather widespread and cheap option are apartments the area in six tatamis (about ten square meters). In such apartments all kitchen utensils are directly in corridor, instead of habitual lying bathtub it is possible to meet deep sedentary there. The cost of such apartments begins from five hundred dollars. Enough often such apartments are rented by young couples. Exist to Tokyo and two-room apartments from fifteen to twenty five meters. In such apartments, sliding doors are used to save the place. Kitchens most often are located either in the hall, or in one of rooms. Such apartment can be rented for six hundred-seven hundred dollars. It is possible to rent apartment of more or less habitual size with planning, suitable for life, for one thousand dollars a month, in certain cases this sum can be even less if the attracted apartments are far from the center. The problem is that owners of good apartments are not always ready to let in them foreigners, most often they demand presence of the Japanese guarantor which it is ready to take for you responsibility.

Features of process of rent

Consider that apartments usually should be looked for through the agencies therefore single costs of housing are not limited to payment for month of rent. You should give the equivalent sum to the agency, the security deposit to owners in the amount of payment in one or two months, it to you will be returned at departure from the apartment. Besides, it is necessary to give obligatory gift to owners of the apartment which is called "рейкин", traditionally it is equivalent to the monthly rent. Unfortunately, this reykin or "payment for keys" should be paid at each conclusion or updating of the contract for the apartment. There is purely Japanese way to receive good housing for reasonable money. Very often the agency can offer the apartment in which the previous owner has committed suicide for auction. The discount for rent of such housing can exceed in certain cases fifty percent.

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