What hairstyle can be slapped together

What hairstyle can be slapped together

In everyday vanity the woman wants to look always unique. However there is practically no time left for beauty shops. Therefore the quick independent hairstyle can become exit from current situation.

Horse tail

The horse tail is, probably, the most widespread hairstyle for all occasions. There is set of variations of such hairstyle. The horse tail can be fixed with side, to lift on the maximum height. It is possible to make also two horse tails or to lower tail and to separate small tail.

That the hairstyle carried more evening look, the horse tail can be pinned up. It is necessary to collect horse tail and to raise it on the maximum height so that growth has visually increased. Then tips of hair are pinned up in inside, thus, peculiar hat turns out on the head. It will look very originally.


Braids are fashionable at all times. The braid looks always originally and irresistibly. Such hairstyle can easily add daily image. It is possible to braid the ordinary spit from three locks. To make it slightly air that will add additional volume to hair. The braid can be made also of two locks. Such hairstyle is also called by the French braid or fish tail. By means of small manipulations the interesting braid turns out. It is also possible to try to braid the Greek braid.

The pinned-up hair

The pinned-up hair were always means of female charm. Hair can be pinned up clip or elastic band. And such hairstyle can suit owners of different length of hair.

Elegant bunch

The elegant bunch is the practical, convenient and suitable for all occasions hairstyle. In order that to make it, only the hairbrush and elastic band steering-wheel and also two small elastic bands is necessary. It is necessary to comb well hair and to collect them in horse tail. Level at which it is necessary to fix tail depends on desire. After that the tail is passed throughout elastic band steering-wheel. It is desirable that such elastic band was the most volume. Over volume rubber hair that peculiar hat has turned out are evenly distributed. Beauty of bunch will depend on density of hair. One more elastic band is atop put on. Thus, the bunch turns out. The remained hair are distributed on all head, gather in two plaits and hide under hairstyle. To record bunch, it is necessary to use hairpins and invisible beings. Such hairstyle can be suitable for campaign to the gym, in shop to do shopping, to welcome guests or just to go to work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team