What hairstyles to carry to be pleasant to the guy

What hairstyles to carry to be pleasant to the guy

Well-groomed hair are one of important elements of attractive image of the girl. To surprise darling, it is optional to spend time and money for professional laying. Several simple hairstyles can be created in couple of minutes, having at itself only couple of hairpins and hairspray.


  1. Hairstyle No. 1. Bunches on bokamn hairstyle the couple of minutes leaves. At first it is necessary to take two elastic bands and to create pair of tails on each side on the top. Then reel up hair on spiral on elastic band. Fix the turned-out bunch by hairpins.
  2. Hairstyle No. 2. Hairstyle with radical objemometo very popular hairstyle which can be created as fast as possible. For this purpose hairspray and rim is required. To receive volume it is necessary to make pile, to carry out several times by hairbrush to roots of hair.
  3. Hairstyle No. 3. Two braids with let volosamikosa and flowing hair down – ideal option of romantic hairstyle. Front locks do not fall down on eyes that does this option of laying practical. Men like image of the schoolgirl. Easy negligence of this hairstyle will give you charm.
  4. Hairstyle No. 4. Taken away kosypricheska it is similar to bunches on each side. Good option for girls who have not really thick hair. In that case locks of hair initially weave into braids, then do pile and only then bring together them in peculiar bunch. To fix hair, use invisible beings.
  5. Hairstyle No. 5. Bunch as at the teacher Unique option when it is necessary to be pleasant to the young man. The hairstyle is created by means of several hairpins, at the same time it strong keeps all day. It is possible to add image with strict skirt with shirt or monophonic dress.

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