What ink to buy for small and rare eyelashes

What ink to buy for small and rare eyelashes

Mascara is one of the most popular and irreplaceable cosmetic products. Thanks to correctly picked up ink even owners of rare and short eyelashes can make the eyes expressive and bright.

What happens ink?

Ink differs from each other in decorative effect. For example, ink can be extending, for volume, with the tightening-up effect and evenly painting over. On structure ink is medical, water-soluble, waterproof and for sensitive eyes. Also ink differs in flowers and shades.

Volume ink has slightly bent brush with thick bristles. For division of the painted eyelashes the brush is executed in the form of microhairbrush. Usually such ink dense is also made on wax basis. Means for volume needs to be painted with thick layer to make eyelashes magnificent.

The extending ink contains microprotein which adds length to eyelashes. On consistence it quite liquid, and the brush has rare bristle that provides uniform distribution of means on all length of eyelashes. The tightening-up ink has concave brush with short bristles. The keratin and pitches surely is its part. Ink for uniform prokrashivaniye has brush with bristles, different in length.

How to choose ink as eyelashes?

The extending ink best of all will be suitable for short and thin eyelashes, it gives volume and tightens up eyelashes. Such product has to have thin brush and with rare bristle. It is desirable if various pitches are part. Also special two-phase ink will be suitable for short eyelashes: the white polymeric basis extends eyelashes, and the color covering makes up them. The tightening-up ink is suitable for short eyelashes too. It covers eyelashes with thick layer which after drying is pulled together and does eyelashes slightly curved. For thin and rare eyelashes ink is suitable for volume. The brush has to be in the form of spiral with rare bristles. If eyelashes short and dense, then the extending ink with dense brush well approaches. For long, but rare eyelashes it is the best of all to use means for volume. It will give to eyelashes splendor. When choosing ink it is necessary to pay attention to its structure. For example, if lanolin is part, then it prevents fragility and dryness of eyelashes. The keratin promotes strengthening of eyelashes. Panthenol increases thickness of eyelashes. Various vitamins provide to eyelashes food and moistening. Melanin protects eyelashes from influence of external factors. The protein and castor oil promote growth of eyelashes. Choosing ink, it surely should be tested. It is necessary to carry out slightly by brush on the palm back. The good product has to lay down smoothly on skin, without leaving lumps. Also ink has to have pleasant or neutral smell.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team