Whether harmfully to wash the head every day?

Whether harmfully to wash the head every day?

The hairstyle is one of the most important components of female beauty. If hair dirty and not well-groomed, hardly the girl makes good impression. Never you should forget about purity of hair, it is necessary to wash them in process of pollution. Therefore many women wash the head daily, without thinking of that, it is harmful or not.

Rules of daily washing of hair

Experts, the researching structures of hair, say that it is undesirable to wash hair every day as the chemical elements which are contained in composition of many shampoos have negative effect on condition of hair. Curls can begin to split, to quickly be soiled, lose gloss and vital force.

But sometimes hair need to be washed daily to look well-groomed and it is beautiful. This problem especially concerns owners of the hair inclined to fat content.

Harmful effects of shampoo can be reduced if it is correct to choose its type. Special soft detergent will be suitable for daily use. At the same time it is necessary to apply small amount of shampoo on hair - on palm to pour several drops, to dilute with water and to make foam. The formed foam it is necessary to wash up quickly hair and to rinse properly water. If necessary to repeat the procedure.

Soft water is suitable for daily washing of hair more.

The main thing in daily washing of hair - shampoo should not be on the head more than a minute, its long rubbing in in hair and in head skin harmfully. It is not necessary to apply shampoo on all length, fat are, mainly, roots. Therefore when washing the head it is necessary to make foam carefully shampoo on roots, to massage head skin and to wash away foam water. During washing off, pollution and from tips will be removed, at the same time they will not be subject to direct influence of chemicals of shampoo.

After putting shampoo on the head, it is necessary to wash away carefully it flowing water.

Daily hair care

It is not obligatory to use daily conditioner as it can accumulate in structure of hair and make heavier them. After washing it is enough to apply the softening protective spray on tips. At daily washing of hair it is necessary to dry them correctly. You will strongly spoil head of hear if you subject every day it to influence of the hair dryer, irons or curling irons. It is necessary to use these devices not more often than two times a week. It is better if hair dry in the natural way, at that time so far you have breakfast and do make-up. Pay special attention to combing of hair. It is necessary to comb carefully them before washing. After washing on the contrary it is necessary to wait until they completely dry. If you comb wet hair, they will be extended and soon will become fragile and weak. If you wash hair daily, do not forget to indulge on the weekend them nutritious natural masks on the basis of chicken yolk, honey, kefir or cosmetic oils.

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