As it is correct to wash the head - the most popular beliefs

As it is correct to wash the head - the most popular beliefs

Good hair — sign of the healthy person. Nothing can be simpler, than just wash up the head. However, not everything is so simple, there are many delusions concerning washing of the head.


  1. The first myth. It is harmful to wash the head chastogryazny hair need washing in process of pollution. If you daily use laying means which make heavier curls and do them bound together, it is necessary to bathe the head of hear every day. Have not without reason thought up shampoos for daily use.
  2. The second myth. Shampoo can be applied on the head directly from flakonasamy best option - to pound shampoo between palms and then to apply on wet hair. Also recommend to stir 1 tablespoon of shampoo in glass of warm water and to apply the received mix on hair in two stages. By the way, owners of long hair need to apply shampoo only on roots, there will be enough soapsuds at washing off to clean also tips of hair.
  3. The third myth. Shampoo is applied one razshampun it is worth putting at least twice. Conduct initially all dirt, dust and skin fat is removed, and only on the second time the medical effect of shampoo works. Good massage of the head during washing will improve blood supply that will affect well your hair. Massage needs to be done by circular motions with fingertips. It is necessary to move from the face to nape. Nails in massage cannot be used.
  4. The fourth myth. Oily hair it is better to wash hot vodoychy fatter hair, water has to be that more cool. As hot water activates sebaceous glands which cause the fat content of hair. Therefore water temperature has to be within 36 degrees. By the way, contrast souls at the end of the procedure of washing of the head tone up skin and give to gloss hair.
  5. The fifth myth. Normal hair shampoos approach vsemshampun has to suit type and condition of hair therefore you should not experiment, happens terrible nothing, but oily hair will begin to zhirnet quicker, and dry will not receive moistening. Before washing of the head do not forget to comb hair well. So you will wash up all scales of the died-off skin cells.
  6. The sixth myth. The dostatochnena should neglect use of one shampoo without conditioner or balm additional resources on hair care as they protect, feed, recover hair and does them obedient.

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