Whether toothpaste from pimples helps?

Whether toothpaste from pimples helps?

Acne rash and pimples are troubles from which nobody is insured. There is a lot of reasons of emergence of such skin defects – from hormonal imbalance of organism to stresses and improper feeding. Anyway, it is necessary to deal with such problems. And it is necessary to use for this purpose sometimes very non-standard methods. For example, to apply toothpaste as means to prevention of appearance of pimples.

Naturally, first of all, toothpaste intended for toothbrushing, but not treatment of skin problems. However someone's inquisitive mind has guessed once to apply this means in the cosmetology purposes, and the result was tremendous. Since then paste began to be applied also as means to treatment of pimples.

As it is correct to choose paste

Before beginning skin treatment with toothpaste, it is necessary to study all nuances. So, for example, paste needs to be chosen correctly. Any will not be suitable for these purposes. In a row pastes alcohol or menthol which are the strong disinfecting means enter. They promote bigger dehumidification of pimples and disposal of inflammations.

It is worth remembering that there is number of those substances which will not be able to help with questions of removal of pimples in any way, but at the same time will make to skin even worse – will cause irritation, etc.

Experts claim that it is the best of all to treat paste local rashes, but not those that have already appeared on all face, neck or body. If you have decided to apply this method of treatment, try to choose white paste – in it least of all various additives, fragrances, etc. And here helium and color pastes in disposal of pimples are useless. In them there are more dyes and fragrances, than useful substances. Also you should not take the bleaching paste – it is excessively aggressive and will only even more spoil skin. Experts recommend to give whenever possible preference to pastes which part oak bark extracts, camomile extract, etc. are.

How to apply

That paste has made the impact, it is necessary to apply it on problem sites in 2 stages. For a start apply with thin layer means on local rashes before night sleep and do not wash away, and you go to bed. The second stage is washing of skin since morning. This procedure needs to be performed warm water, carefully deleting all residues of paste from skin.

The expert compare use of paste to use of the cleaning face pack. The effect is reached almost same.

However it should be taken into account that paste in itself is only means for elimination of pimples outside. And the problem goes from within. Therefore it is worth introducing amendments and in some other points. So, for example, it is desirable to adhere or medical diet (if the case started), or the systems of healthy food. It is necessary to follow rules of personal hygiene – to use personal towel, it is correct to select care products, etc.

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