Why it is dangerous to sunbathe in sunbed

Why it is dangerous to sunbathe in sunbed

is protective reaction of skin to ultraviolet rays. Owing to what skin produces melanin. To support swarty skin in the winter, many girls go to sunbed. But the sunbed except beautiful suntan does also harm.


  1. Formation of tumor is possible.
  2. The artificial source of suntan, in particular from ultra-violet lamp, leads to destruction of collagen and elastane in cages therefore skin becomes more flabby, and hair more fragile.
  3. If on skin eels, the sunbed is contraindicated at all as there is obstruction of time, and process of treatment of eels becomes even more difficult.
  4. Ultraviolet rays can dry skin, thereby provoking burns.
  5. Of kidneys the sunbed is also contraindicated to people who have diseases of blood, hearts, lungs, liver, skin, thyroid gland.
  6. Pregnant women also should not visit sunbed.
  7. Artificial suntan can lead to oncological diseases.
  8. Those women who have many freckles and birthmarks cannot visit sunbed often.
  9. Girls who have just carried out cosmetic procedures, have made constant or temporary tattoo, cannot also visit sunbed. Chemicals which processed leather or which entered into organism when heating can react with integuments that can cause allergy or lead to other unknown consequences.
  10. During cold or critical days it is also best of all to refuse visit of sunbed.
  11. In the weakened organism the ultraviolet rays can cause reddening, allergic reaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team