Zagarny powder: rules of drawing, pluses and minuses of use

Zagarny powder: rules of drawing, pluses and minuses of use

The beautiful bronze tan is attractive at all seasons of the year. The ideal option is to find it, lying on the seashore under the scorching sun. For the purpose of economy it is possible to complete sunbed course, and for opponents of ultraviolet the cosmetic brands have thought up powder with effect of suntan.

Powder with effect of suntan is produced in several shades. That bronzer harmoniously looked on face and did not lay down red spots, choose shade, being guided by the tone skin. Girls with pale skin of bluish shades which instead of suntan in the sun quickly get burns will suit the lightest bronzers.

Owners of light-beige skin with yellowish or pink subtone should choose bronzers of honey, beige and sand shades. Girls with warm peach tone of skin can use powder with effect of average suntan, golden and brownish shades. And, at last, swarty girls with olive skin color will suit saturated bronze or gold tan.

How to apply powder with effect of suntan

Before drawing any make-up skin needs to be prepared. By means of srub remove all dead cells and peelings. Carefully moisten face, using day cream. Put tone means, previously having disguised shortcomings the proofreader. Well shade borders.

That the bronzing powder has not laid down on face dark stains, it is necessary to choose suitable brush. It should not be too small or big. Choose brush of the average size with pile in the form of cone. Gather powder on brush, brush away surplus and easy movements touch forehead, cheeks, nose bridge and chin. That the face did not look dark against the background of other body, do not forget to give suntan to neck and zone of decollete. From above thin layer impose the transparent matting powder. For skulpturirovaniye the girls with oval face need to apply bronzer on cheekbones in the form of triangles whose acute angle is directed persons, to lips down. To owners of longish face with sharp chin – on cheekbones in the form of horizontal rectangles. The round face will brighten up the bronzer applied in the form of triangles with the acute angle directed to nose. And at square face powder is applied with the rhombuses located on diagonal.

Pluses and minuses of powder with effect of suntan

The bronzing powder allows to find quickly beautiful shade of suntan without harm for health. Also with its help it is possible to correct face form: to reduce cheeks and nose, to make cheekbones and chin is more accurate. It is economically spent because of what one packing is enough for long time. The lack of the bronzing powder is that it emphasizes the slightest defects on face: heat-spots, peelings, wrinkles. At the incorrect choice of shade or bad shading, bronzer looks unnaturally and can strongly spoil make-up.

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