Criteria for evaluation of personnel

Criteria for evaluation of personnel

Criteria and methods of assessment of efficiency of personnel are a complex of questions which heads of the small and large companies should face daily around the world. From that, conforms or not each worker to requirements of the organization to personnel, its destiny on a post will depend. Besides, the employee can come to the administration and demand increase in salary because of the professional growth or dissatisfaction in payment. And then the head should solve whether this worker can count on advance or its requirements have under themselves no soil.

The main directions in performance appraisal

So, all criteria of business performance appraisal can be divided into several main groups:

  • quantitative ways – allow to determine the level of business qualities of employees precisely;
  • qualitative methods – have the descriptive principles in the basis;
  • the combined methods – successfully use achievements of the first and second group.

Using quantitative criteria and methods of business performance appraisal, in particular, the principle of a rank order, it is possible with sufficient reliability to distribute the staff of the organization, beginning from the weakest, and finishing with the most successful. It is also possible to carry out the assessment of work of personnel, using mark criterion: to all the employee appropriates a certain point for each achievement.

Qualitative criteria for evaluation of activity of personnel in the organization, in comparison with quantitative, have a little simplified character. So, it is possible to compare business qualities of the worker to a standard in the company – the most successful employee. Or to carry out the assessment of abilities of workers in the light of requirements imposed to each concrete position. But most often, as a rule, heads resort to a method of group discussion. In the course of direct communication with employees the top management of the company or the group of experts elect the most active and purposeful employees of the organization.

Quantity characteristics of assessment and some descriptive principles are the basis for the combined methods. In many organizations such combined method as testing of personnel is used – workers are estimated depending on success of the solution of in advance prepared tasks. By means of testing it is possible not only to estimate the available personnel, but also to define abilities of potential employees at employment.

The most often used groups of estimates of work

The simplest criteria for evaluation of work of personnel in any given company are the most clear for each head. It, first of all, the quality of the work which is carried out by the subordinate including, is estimated how often the employee makes mistakes and his accuracy is defined. It is difficult to do also without such indicator at work assessment as discipline. It is necessary to know whether the employee often misses work, whether in time comes to a workplace, than is engaged during performance of the labor duties.

The head has to be aware, cope or not his subordinates with the set amounts of works. Proceeding from it, it is possible to allocate the quickest employees who are rationally using the time. And one more important criterion – assessment of loyalty of each employee to the organization. It is important to head to understand which of his subordinates treats with respect the principles by which there lives the company and who above all puts the personal interests. Most often at the most loyal employees chances to promote even if they not for hundred percent carry out the official duties are higher.

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