How to go to live abroad?

How to go to live abroad?

Do you want to go to live abroad to begin to live from scratch, to become a part of other culture, to try to find themselves in a new situation, at last, to earn a lot of money? Tens of thousands of people annually make for themselves similar decisions. In our material we will talk about how to go abroad on a permanent residence.

The step-by-step instruction as it is possible to go to live abroad

  1. For a start define for yourself where you would like to live. For this purpose it is possible to take the handle and paper and to write out signs of the country of which you dream. Signs can be any: proximity to the ocean, suitable climate, reasonable prices, low crime rate, etc. According to inquiries, be defined where to go to live abroad. As a stock it is possible to pick up about five more countries where it is possible to immigrate in case with the main state of your dream something does not turn out.
  2. Find out features of immigration in the country chosen by you. There is a number of the remote states which citizens it is very difficult to become either, or is very expensive. Anyway, before going to live abroad, it is necessary to inquire — it can be an excess argument pro or contra any given state.
  3. Check the country chosen by you. If you still there were not, not superfluous will be to go as the tourist there and to check the feelings — you will be able to take root there or not – perhaps you will understand that it at all not what you counted on.
  4. Begin preparation for moving. Having been defined where to go to live abroad, start learning language, reading official documents on features of immigration, laws of the country. It will also be necessary to find the lawyer and to discuss details of obtaining the residence permit in other state and feature of moving. Also intermediary firms which for a certain payment will undertake all paper part of work in this case can provide the help.

What else there are ways to go abroad?

  1. Rummage in family archives. If among official documents of ancestors there are certificates that among them there were Jews, it is possible to address to the German Embassy and to try to move to Germany according to the program of the Jewish immigration.
  2. To marry the foreigner. The similar way to go to live abroad so popular in the countries of the Soviet Union in the late eighties — the beginning of the 90th years is still very relevant. Especially, now it is much easier to realize it thanks to the Internet and dating sites. Welcome it, the easiest way to become the citizen of other state.
  3. There is a set of the foreign student's programs connected with volunteering, work or study. Certainly, similar short-term ""attack"" on foreign state cannot be compared to full immigration, but there will be an excellent opportunity to understand whether you want to remain to live in this country.
  4. Be shipped on a training outward. The intermediary firm will choose for you the employer and in case you show excellent results at work, there is a sense to be engaged in execution of all necessary documents to remain for ever in any given country. Information on work can be found in the international recruitment agencies which cooperate with a set of the countries. Besides, the employer can be found and directly, with the help the Internet though this way and bears in itself risk.

Resolving an issue how to go to live abroad, be prepared for long bureaucratic procedures, monetary expenses and examination regarding knowledge of language and the local legislation. Immigration demands a large number of efforts therefore before making up the mind to this step, it is necessary to find out all nuances about the country where you plan to move.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team