How to reel up the coil Tesla

How to reel up the coil Tesla

The coil Tesla, or the resonant transformer, in fact is a thin cylinder from copper around which the winding is reeled up. Its distinctive feature, in difference from other transformers, work in the resonance mode is.

It is required to you

  • the magazine, paraffin, copper wire, the 10 kV transformer, condensers, plastic bottle 0.6, aluminum wire, sheets A4, thick wire, polyethylene film or film from the ftoroplast, expanded polystyrene


1. For a start it is necessary to make a basis. Take some magazine. It can be old free magazines which are put in a mailbox. For example, containing careful TV program for a week. No matter. The main thing that it was not too thin or too thick. Curtail it a roll. To record the magazine in this situation, paste over it with an adhesive tape. Then wrap up a parcel still in a couple of album sheets, it is desirable A4 format, and also fix by an adhesive tape. Then make about 800 rounds a copper wire around the received framework. For fixing of a design use a bilateral adhesive tape and fill in a surface with paraffin. Naturally, only after finish with a wire. Try that the layer of paraffin was not less than 5 mm. Wind all this with a polyethylene film, it is possible to use a film for storage of food. Better if you find a film from the ftoroplast. Further apply the made foam expanded polystyrene. After all, you have to have a nice cylinder with two exits, from above and from below.

2. Attach to the lower exit, it is better to solder, a thick wire. It is necessary for grounding. From above leave a wire. The cylinder has to be located in a small plastic bottle, about 0.6. Wind it with an aluminum wire with a diameter of 2 mm.

3. As food use the transformer. Power should not exceed 10 kV, it will be already unsafe. Accurately pick up condensers. They can be bought in the market. As a result at connection to a source you receive lightnings of 2-4 cm. For improvement of result it is necessary to improve isolation. Place Prolachenny fabric from the transformer in a ceramic tube, then insert into one more, but already big in the diameter. Atop make about 4 rounds of primary winding the copper tire. Lightnings can reach 15 cm.

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