How to open the shop?

How to open the shop?

Before it is open

Before opening the business, whether it be shop, a laundry, restaurant or something like that, each businessman should resolve a number of issues connected with collecting documents, to search of the suitable room, employment of personnel, etc. Nobody says that it is easy to begin business, however, if desired it is possible to overcome all difficulties. In this material we will consider a question that it is necessary to open the shop.

What shop it is better to open?

To decide on the direction, it is worth analyzing consumer tastes in that area where you are going to open shop. If is in your plans to come to business seriously and for a long time, the analysis of the market for clarification of relevance of any given goods will be required. It is necessary to spend a lot of time for studying a huge number of data, however exact results with bigger degree probability will be able to provide success of the new enterprise.

What is necessary to open the shop in which there was no release from visitors?

For this purpose it is worth asking the unique question: "why the buyer has to shop exactly here?" To be allocated from a number of similar outlets, the shop has to have the highlight. What can it be?

  1. Low prices. It is one of the most advantageous options of involvement of buyers. It is possible to reduce the prices due to reduction of operating costs of outlet or by acquisition of large consignments of goods at suppliers with a considerable discount.
  2. Wide range. If in your shop there is what is not present in other outlets, then buyers will come to you. The combination of the wide range of the goods focused on a certain lifestyle is possible.
  3. High quality of service. Polite staff, attention to needs of buyers, the fast solution of problems accurately constructed work.
  4. Regular discounts and actions.

How much is to open the shop?

The uniform answer, certainly, cannot be. The sum consists of a set of parameters: the shop locations — in the downtown, on the periphery, in shopping center or the separate building. So, for example, it is worth renting shop in shopping center today from $300 for sq.m. However, having chosen this expensive platform for the outlet, you will be provided with a regular flow of buyers. Also the sum depends on volume and a kind of goods which are planned to be sold of costs of marketing. It is possible to learn the final cost of investments from the business plan which you will surely make before opening the shop.

Recruiting, choice of suppliers

If you want to open the shop, it is necessary to approach one and other question carefully. It is better to select sellers, proceeding from specifics of the sold goods. For example, for sale of a women's clothing it is better to find female consultants, for trade in goods for hunters and fishers — men. The good selling assistant is capable to raise the revenue of shop many times.

As for suppliers, the chance to get on swindlers at the beginning businessman is rather high. Therefore in this question it is better to follow the recommendations of acquaintances or to address supplier with a solid experience and the earned reputation.

Before opening the shop, you will need to collect the following documents:

  • certificates of registration of the legal entity and about registration and assignment of INN and also Goskomsat's letter on assignment of codes (RCEAP);
  • permission to the sign for shop;
  • the policy of an object, the letter application, the lease agreement, the floor-by-floor plan of the room of BTI, the contract on installation of the fire-prevention alarm system, the certificate of registration of the enterprise will be necessary for execution of the conclusion of the State fire supervision;
  • permission for each cash register;
  • conclusion of SES.

It is practically all from documents that it is necessary to open shop. Perhaps, registration in various funds is required. Realization of this stage of opening of outlet can demand a large number of time and/or money.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team