How to use decorative cosmetics

How to use decorative cosmetics

Decorative cosmetics is in arsenal practically of any modern woman. However not all are able to use it though the beautiful, competently imposed make-up can change the woman to unrecognizability.

Skin preparation

Before putting decorative cosmetics on the person it is necessary to wash. If there is such opportunity, it is good to apply to skin nutritious mask and also special means for eyes to get rid of circles and swellings. After washing off of mask it is necessary to smear face with cream as skin. And only in 20-30 minutes it is possible to start drawing make-up, previously having blotted skin with dry napkin to eliminate greasy luster and residues of not absorbed cream.

It is the best of all to begin with alignment of tone. Someone for this purpose uses base under make-up and primers, others prefer to apply foundation at once.

Many positive reviews were received by VV and the CC creams as they perfectly mask skin shortcomings, humidify, feed and protect from the sun.

It is the best of all to impose foundation according to the following scheme: forehead (evenly distributing from the center to the line of growth of hair), cheeks, chin and nose bridge. If you have reddenings or heat-spots, it will be possible to hide them by means of camouflage pencil of green color. If you have, on the contrary, ideal skin, it is quite possible to manage compact powder. To give to the face degree of structure, it is necessary to use blush. If you want to give to skin suntan shade, then instead of blush use bronzator. It is necessary to apply it on convex parts of the face: it is a little on chin, nose, cheeks, area over eyebrows.

How to use cosmetics for eyes and lips

That eyes looked brighter, it is necessary to use shadows, eyeliner and ink. It is necessary to put shadows by such principle: the lightest (white or beige) - under eyebrows and in internal corners of eyes, on mobile eyelid – more dark shades, through growth of eyelashes and in external corners of eyes – the most dark.

By the way, black or dark brown shadows can become fine alternative to pencil or eyeliner.

Take thin brush, slightly moisten it that color has turned out more saturated, and draw line. If you need to grind pencil, it is recommended for 10 minutes before it to put it in the freezer. The slate pencil will harden and will not crumble. When putting ink it is necessary to paint over at first the lower eyelashes, holding brush vertically, and then upper – smooth movements from roots to tips. For giving to eyelashes of additional volume before putting ink they need to be powdered.

Time in 3-4 months is recommended to change ink.

Choosing lipstick, you remember that she has to be put, lay down easily exactly and not spread during the day. That lipstick kept longer, lips should be powdered previously. At bright make-up of eyes it is possible to be limited to transparent gloss, and at more reserved - to place emphasis on lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team