Professional deformation

Professional deformation

Often, meeting the authoritative personality specifying by everything as how to do we think: "Most likely, he is a chief or the teacher at school". If the new acquaintance very much climbs in your life with councils and recommendations, he can quite be the professional psychologist. Professional deformation of the personality is a transferring of the professional qualities to usual life.

Concept and characteristics of professional deformation

We spend at least a third of days at work therefore it is not surprising that we and in the relations with children, relatives, spouses and friends behave in the same manner of communication. Even the style of thinking behind walls of office remains the same. In what people of professions professionally moral deformation of the personality is most often inherent?

Habit constantly "to read to morals" all and to everyone it is peculiar to teachers, their professionally moral deformation of the personality is shown in high self-esteem, unwillingness to accept others point of view, authoritativeness.

Doctors are often considered cynics with black humour, their profession provides huge responsibility and a constant stress, and the reasons of professional deformation at these people are in a peculiar protective mechanism. Signs of professional deformation are to a degree shown also at military, journalists, psychologists, managers of sales, accountants. Of course, also representatives of other professions give in to this "disease", only the most striking examples which you for certain faced in life are given here.

Types of professional deformation

  1. All-professional - is peculiar to the most part of people of a concrete profession.
  2. Typological - turns out at merge of qualities of the personality and features of a profession.
  3. Individual deformation is when the profession contributes to the strengthened development of concrete personal quality.

Fight against professional deformation

But how to deal with this problem how to make so that it did not make the life miserable of you and to your relatives?

  1. First of all, it is necessary to learn to divide private life and work accurately. Try to leave all working problems behind doors of office, not to discuss the working moments by phone, not to write reports in kitchen, not to think of work. Of course, it is difficult to implement this recommendation to teachers, business coaches, psychologists, journalists – they often should prepare for work of the house.
  2. The second way to remove a problem of professional deformation is to introduce constant self-checking. As soon as you notice that "working manners" appear - remove them on a root. If it is difficult to you to do it, you ask relatives and friends to make you polite remarks or even introduce the system of penalties.
  3. On vacation choose to yourself a hobby, the occupations and interests, the farthest from the sphere of your professional activity. It is better that the hobby was ""contrast"". Your work is connected with stresses? Means, it has to be quiet and weakening - knitting, cookery, an embroidery will approach. If your activity is boring and monotonous, then you will suit travel, sport, bright impressions.
  4. Professional deformation is connected only with the status at work and image of the businessman therefore try to try on for a start in private life on yourself absolutely other role. You the chief are also forced to give constantly orders and to plan? Try to concede, go more often in family on compromises, to allow the half to make independently decisions. Relax, at least at home stop to control all and all. If at work you - just a pawn in others game, undertake an initiative in other spheres of life, be responsible and resolute. By the way, such approach can help to progress on an office ladder over time!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team