Terms of payment of the salary

Terms of payment of the salary

The question of the salary is one of the most important for each working person. All people who get a job are interested in the amount of salary and terms of its delivery. But how to do right thing in case payment of the salary is delayed, knows not everyone. In this article we will tell you as there is an establishment of terms of payment of the salary and what to do in case of their violation.

Charge and establishment of terms of payment of the salary

These two important questions enter a circle of fundamental obligations of each head. Charge of the salary is carried out according to a salary and the hours which are actually worked the employee. At employment each employee signs a number of documents in which the level of its salary is determined. Treat these documents: provision on compensation, employment contract, job application, staff list. Before signing the listed above documents, it is necessary to read them without fail attentively. The order of charge of the salary, data on awards and penalties are displayed in the provision on compensation. This document is approved by the order and has the status of the statutory act. During payment of salary the employer is obliged to inform each employee in writing on the amount of its salary. About salary are specified in the sheet: all parts of salary, deduction from the salary and the sum to delivery.

According to the existing labor law, charge of the salary is carried out at least, than once a month, and its delivery – at least, than two times a month. Terms of payment of the salary are specified in normative documents of the enterprise – the collective agreement and the statutory act. Each employer in the right to independently establish terms of payment of the salary to employees. Signing the collective agreement at employment, the employee thereby expresses the consent with these terms. In case of change of terms of payment of the salary the separate order of which employees need to be informed is created. The salary has to be paid to employees only in the working days. If terms of payment fall for the weekend or on holidays, then payment of the salary has to be before term, on the eve of days off.

If the employee gathers in the annual paid vacation, then its salary and a vacation pay have to be paid not later than three calendar days prior to its holiday.

Violation of terms of payment of the salary

Violation of terms of payment of the salary attracts administrative responsibility for the official. If deadlines of payment are skirted, the salary is paid not in full, officials are exposed to a penalty of at the rate from thirty to hundred not assessed minima of income.

If the salary is detained on one and more than a month, then the worker has the right for compensation. If salary is not paid in due time because of the employee, then compensation is not paid. Compensation of the salary is carried out taking into account indexation level – the sum intended to payment is multiplied by the figure designating coefficient of gain of consumer prices.

Today various violations of the labor law have universal character. Because of crisis and other troubles many employers seek to detain terms of payment of the salary. Employees of all industries need to study attentively laws and to fight for the rights.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team