3 in 1 carriage: than it is good?

3 in 1 carriage: than it is good?

You waiting for a wonderful moment – the birth of the kid. As much everything it is necessary to think over in advance that then it is quiet to enjoy the chosen purchases. One of such important purchases is a carriage. To it there are many requirements.

First, the kid has to feel conveniently, is comfortable and protected, especially in the first months of life. To him should not be in a carriage hot, but also cold is no good too. The carriage has to protect reliably from a rain, wind and snow.

Secondly, the carriage has to suit mother and any other family member who is going to walk with the baby on the street. Has huge value handle height if parents high then to carry a carriage having semi-bent it will be very inconvenient, it is desirable that the handle was adjusted. The passability and depreciation have to be high, you never know where you should take a carriage: in the forest, on snow, filling brick, the carriage has to go to the coast everywhere easily and not forcedly.

All above-mentioned qualities are suitable for a carriage 3 in 1, but its main advantages in the following.

The carriage 3 in 1 includes the chassis on which the cradle for the first 6-12 months, and then the walking block which is usually put when the child is already able to sit surely is established. Also in a set there is an automobile chair. So, we see that the child is provided with transport for the next several years at once. When the child surely sits, to him will be already uninteresting to lie in a cradle with high sides from where practically nothing is visible. And instead of being wound on shops searching what to choose a stroller, you just change one block for another. Besides in strollers, generally small wheels, and it is essential minus if the change moment from a cradle in walk fell on the winter period. And in a carriage 3 in 1 there are big, rotary wheels, and no snow and snowdrifts to you are terrible.

You have the car or you use taxi services, the automobile chair is useful to you anyway. Safety of the child – above all. And if to get a car seat separately, then will be much more expensive. Besides a car seat which goes complete with a carriage it is possible to install on the chassis, and if necessary to use as carrying. It is very convenient at a visit of policlinic.

Choosing a carriage, pay attention to such important points as existence in a cradle and the walking block of the sewed mosquito grid, it is useful to you on hot season. The bottom in a cradle has to be from natural material. The covering in a carriage has to be removed easily, it will facilitate to you care for it, especially it concerns walk, the child in it will eat and drink, and children at this age are still not really accurate. If the baby wants to have a sleep on the street, the walking block has to fall to semi-horizontal and horizontal position easily. Belts fixers have to be regulated on length that they did not press, but at the same time reliably held the kid.

Carriages 3 in 1 became very popular recently. It not only economy of means and time, and and multifunctionality, reliability, convenience, both for the little traveler, and for his parents and that is important, exists the huge choice of coloring.

Such carriage will bring the sea of a positive and good mood at all seasons of the year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team