34 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, development of a fruit

34 weeks of pregnancy: feelings, development of a fruit

Prior to a significant event there are only a few weeks. The organism of the woman is with might and main prepared for the forthcoming childbirth. And the kid accumulates forces. The birth demands many forces and from it too.

How does the fruit on the 34th week of pregnancy look?

34 obstetric week of pregnancy say that from the moment of conception there passed 32 weeks. The kid to this term is already almost completely ready to life out of mother's body. But before presumable date of childbirth about 6 more weeks. During this time the child will get stronger and will grow fat. Therefore you should not force events. Now its weight is equal 2000-2500 grams. Growth of the kid is about 44 centimeters. The child can be compared by the sizes to muscat pumpkin. You should not be frightened if by results of inspection on the device ultrasonography by the doctor specified big or smaller parameters. In the third trimester they can strongly differ. Especially it concerns twins. Their sizes will differ from the sizes of one child in a womb.

The kid on this term cannot freely somersault any more. Free space becomes less. And there is not enough place for somersaults. Besides a dream he is already able:

  • To be enough and release an umbilical cord.
  • To suck a finger.
  • To hiccup.
  • To squint and build grimaces.
  • To move hands and legs.

All movements of the child are considered as unconscious. They occur at the level of reflexes under the direction of a brain. It is important to watch that pushes for a half of days there were not less than 10. If their quantity is significantly lower or the pregnant woman in general ceased to feel movements, then it is worth seeing a doctor in the emergency order. Whether doctors will be able to define everything by ultrasonic diagnostics with the kid as it should be. Perhaps urgent Cesarean section will be required.

On the thirty fourth week of pregnancy at the kid the same changes, as last weeks continue. Namely:

  • There is a strengthening and a mineralization of bones thanks to the calcium arriving from mother's organism.
  • The hypodermic of fat is gradually thickened.
  • Vanishes lanugo.
  • Skin gradually finishes and gains more and more normal color. The skin color will come to full norm several days later after the delivery.
  • The amount of first-born lubricant on skin gradually increases. It will help the kid to pass through patrimonial ways during childbirth.
  • The endocrine system produces hormones.

What is felt by future mom on the 34th week of pregnancy?

The third trimester — one of the most difficult in life of the pregnant woman. Future mom constantly feels fatigue. It is heavy to pregnant woman to go because of a pot-belly. The sleep quality also considerably worsens. It is harder and harder to pick up a convenient pose. Every day it becomes more difficult to pregnant woman to do elementary things — to sit down, to lay down, rise, lace up boots. Long standing standing can also lead to pains.

And if in the first trimester many pregnant women suffered toxicosis. But then its movements were not held down. Now the woman can have the following feelings:

  • Hypostases on hands and legs.
  • Itch on skin. Especially in a stomach, hips and a breast. It results from extension of epidermis.
  • Constant desire to descend in a toilet "a bit".
  • Spasms in legs.

If the woman tests spasms which especially amplify at night during sleep, then it is necessary to report about it to the gynecologist who conducts pregnancy. In case of need the expert will define a dosage of medicines, necessary for the termination of spasms, which cornerstone magnesium is.

All feelings are individual. And if one pregnant woman can be influenced by all symptoms, then at another any signs can not be throughout pregnancy.

Premature birth on the 34th week of pregnancy

Normal pregnancy has to continue at least up to 38 obstetric weeks. Exactly by then the fruit is considered completely ready to life out of mother's womb. But if patrimonial activity began earlier, then you should not despair. On the 34th week of pregnancy survival of children quite high. Finding of the child in the conditions of children's resuscitation is in certain cases possible.

Some newborns on such term are at once capable to breathe independently and have reflexes to sucking of breast milk. In such cases the stay in the conditions of a hospital is necessary for the child until he does not gain normal weight.

Quite often childbirth on the 34th week happens if the woman bears twins. Though kids also weigh less usual, but as a result in a uterus there are two child, the woman's stomach 10 times more than at pregnant with one child.

On this term the woman needs already to decide on a type of a rodorazresheniye. Some prefer natural childbirth. It seems to others that Cesarean section is a great option. For carrying out operation there is a set of indications. Main are:

  • Clinically narrow basin.
  • Cross or pelvic presentation.
  • Polycarpous pregnancy.
  • Existence Caesarian sections in the anamnesis of the pregnant woman.
  • Presentation of a placenta.
  • Large child.

Also Cesarean section can be appointed in cases when the pregnant woman has problems with health. Natural childbirth is quite heavy process, and in certain cases the female body is simply not capable to cope with loading.

Recommendations on the 34th week of pregnancy

Normal the kid has to for a long time will turn a head down. If the child is located correctly, then the doctor can appoint carrying a bandage to facilitate loading from very heavy stomach. If the fruit is located the head up or has cross presentation, then carrying a bandage — not the best option. Though before childbirth there was not enough time, but the child can still accommodate in a stomach correctly.

In the good way to help accept the correct arrangement can usual swimming. The best option is a water aerobics in the pool. But if there is no wish to do exercises, then it is possible just to swim for a while. Between open reservoirs and the pool it is worth choosing the second option.

On the 34th week of pregnancy, as well as on all other weeks, it is especially important to woman to watch the food. No harmful products should be in a diet. But also the use of products of plant origin which are rich with calcium is obligatory. Otherwise the organism of the kid will receive necessary minerals at the expense of mother's organism. As a result the pregnant woman's teeth can begin to fall.

Surely there has to be a physical activity. Pregnancy is not a disease, but a condition of a female body. You should not limit and lie too strongly yourself for days on end in front of the TV. Besides walks in the fresh air will reduce the probability of developing of a hypoxia. The main thing is to know when to stop in everything and not to allow overfatigue of an organism.

If at the woman hypostases are observed, then surely it is necessary to tell about it to the doctor. The special ointments or medicines reducing both hypostases, and load of kidneys can be appointed by him.

On any walks it is necessary to take the prenatal record of the pregnant woman, the passport, the Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account and the birth certificate in a handbag. In case of the beginning of patrimonial activity these documents are obligatory for receipt in medical institution. The spouse or relatives in case of need will be able to finish all the rest. Without prenatal record the crew of the help can bring soon the woman in labor only to infectious maternity hospital.

It is desirable to exclude distant travel on this term. They are possible only in case of emergency.

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