As it is correct to nurse

As it is correct to nurse

For successful breastfeeding it is important to know some recommendations which will help young mom to put correctly the kid to a breast, to organize comfortable feeding, to improve a lactation, to avoid such problems as stagnation of milk.


1. You feed on demand. For safe chest feedings it is very important to put the kid not according to the schedule and when he wants. The amount of the developed milk depends on duration of sucking and the number of applyings. Gradually you will build a certain schedule of feeding, but it will depend only on needs of the child. For the baby the mother's breast is not only a source of milk, but also psychological support in process of adaptation to life out of a womb. Breastfeeding promotes establishment of close connection between mother and the child. Do not take away a breast if the kid did not release it. To him important not only to gorge on, but also to satisfy the sosatelny reflex.

2. That feeding of the baby did not bring you unpleasant feelings, choose a convenient pose. If your kid sucks a breast long, perhaps you will suit feeding in a pose lying on one side. So your hands will be free, and you will be able to have a rest. In such situation it is convenient to feed the kid and at night. You can settle down in an easy chair, under a back to enclose a pillow. Also there are special pillows for feeding of the kid which will help you to relax and will make feeding comfortable for you and the child.

3. You watch that the child correctly took a breast. It will allow you to avoid emergence of cracks and pain. Besides, in case of the wrong capture, some segments of chest gland remain not devastated that can result in stagnation of milk and development of mastitis. Therefore especially in the first days of feeding you are not lazy correctly to put the kid and in case of the wrong capture accurately take away a breast from a mouth of the baby and try once again. At the correct capture the child widely opens a mouth and takes not only a nipple, but also to an aura – a dark circle around a nipple, the lower lip of the kid is twisted outside, the chin touches a breast, you have no painful feelings.

4. In one feeding try to give to the child one breast, so he will be able to reach back fat milk which contains useful enzymes and substances. If you offer the child the second breast, without having waited so far he will empty the first, there is a probability that the kid will receive only front milk which contains few fats.

5. Be tuned psychologically into long and successful feeding. Women who really cannot give to the kid breast milk physiologically or on medical indications are not enough. Therefore reject all thoughts of your inability to bring up the child. Remember that breast milk - the most valuable food which you can give to the baby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team