As there takes place paid childbirth

As there takes place paid childbirth

Today future mom has a possibility of the choice – whether to give birth it in accordance with general practice or to sign the contract for childbirth. In case of signing of the contract on childbirth with insurance the companies or medical establishment the woman has more expanded range of services, an opportunity most to choose the doctor and comfortable conditions of stay.

To make a choice

Paid services in maternity hospital are provided after signing of the contract with insurance company (if maternity hospital commercial – that with establishment). The insurance company has to have the contract with medical institution for similar type of service. Representatives of the insurers have to sit in maternity hospital, there and the contract is signed. Though happens so that insurance signs contracts for childbirth, but has no representative in maternity hospital. This option is worse (though is cheaper), on all questions you can safely address the representative of the insurer. And on the place to do it more conveniently and more quickly.

It is necessary to sign the contract for childbirth from 36th week of pregnancy. Before it you will be examined by the doctor, to you will make ultrasonography and will appoint as necessary other procedures. Most often now it is possible to choose the specific doctor who will conduct your pregnancy and childbirth. There is an opportunity to give birth also with crew on duty, the cost of the contract at the same time will be significantly lower. The personal doctor will arrive to your childbirth anyway, even not in the change. From the moment of signing of the contract on childbirth you should come to routine inspection by the invitation of the doctor, at least once a week before childbirth.

It seems begins …

When there comes hour of X and you will understand that you begin childbirth, first of all call your doctor and warn him. If he this day not on watch, if your patrimonial activity is confirmed, to it makes one more call of the accident ward the nurse, and the doctor precisely will arrive. It is possible to call also the representative of the insurer if it is in maternity hospital and to warn him. In the accident ward together with obligatory documents show the contract for paid childbirth. Of course, instantly it will not change the personnel attitude towards you. Specifically they will not receive any money for you. And conditions of the accident ward often do not allow to pay personal attention – too big routine of patients (if the speech, of course, does not go about commercial maternity hospital). If you give birth with the husband or mom, after all procedures you will be lifted together in a rodblok in hotel rodzat. If suddenly it becomes clear that there are no separate rodzal and to you suggest to take place "temporarily" in two, and even in the four-seater rodzal with other women, do not agree. Single chambers can adhere doctors for the patients. Leave the husband to deal with this question or immediately call the representative of the insurer. After small scandal the separate free chambers at once in a magic way are. After placement in chamber to you the midwife will come to get acquainted and will make all necessary procedures and manipulations ordered by the doctor. The doctor will also visit you, but do not wait that he will sit with you constantly, especially if he is on official watch. When signing the contract attentively read what procedures to you will be able to make as necessary. That at an extract you did not find out that you should pay in addition, for example, for epiduralny anesthesia. If you have no medical contraindications, you can practice free behavior in labor. Modern maternity hospitals can offer you the most comfortable terms – the small pool, a fitball, an aromatherapy for simplification of fights. It is not obligatory for you to lie on a bed at all, you can freely move on chamber, be in that pose in which to you it is the most comfortable. It, by the way, one of advantages of paid childbirth. Also you will give birth on a transforming bed, it is not necessary to go anywhere, only close people (the husband or mom) and the doctor will be near the midwife. After the delivery, first, the child will put to you on a stomach at once, and after all compulsory procedures will put to a breast. Secondly, after that you will be left some to enjoy with each other.

After the most important

After the delivery already with the kid you will be transferred to postnatal office. Now most maternity hospitals provide single chamber (more rare double) "mother child". Everything depends on opportunities of maternity hospital. There are maternity hospitals offering family placement - dad can be with you. Anyway, visits of relatives in the determined hours are allowed (if the woman in labor has no quarantine and contraindications). The kid will be with you all the time, the nurse will do all procedures at you, daily you will be visited by the gynecologist and the pediatrician. Of course, according to your desire, the child can be taken away for a while in children's office that mom got enough sleep and has a rest. You have the right for any questions to medical staff, are obliged to explain you point of all manipulations and procedures with the kid. In some maternity hospitals in paid postnatal departments of women feed according to other menu, there are both fruit, and fermented milk products, and food can be 5 single. Discharge from maternity hospital occurs on third day (on the fifth after Cesarean section) if a condition of the newborn and mom good. If briefly to formulate what advantages the contract for childbirth gives, it is possible to allocate the main: conducting childbirth by the personal doctor chosen by you; presence of the relative; separate rodzat; free behavior in labor; comfortable postnatal chamber.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team