Autumn games for children

Autumn games for children

Game is a primary activity and development of any child. Games in the fresh air, outdoor, active games perfectly train lungs, improve physical shape of the child, lowering incidences of asthma, obesity, help to strengthen immunity, contribute to the normal growth and the development. In the course of the game the child perfects skill of dexterity, speed of reaction, coordination, trains gross and fine motor skills. A game – a great way of development of mentality of the child.

It is required to you

  • Season - proceeds fall. For the present the last warm days did not end, try to spend with children all free time on the street. Sometimes it seems that all games are already changed. On the contrary, there is still something brand new. And it is even possible to pack games on a season. Now, for example, the last month of fall, relevant to play autumn games for children. If you brought together the small company of children, go out of doors and play seasonal games!


1. Game ""Cones, Acorns, Chestnuts"" Description: for a start all players move off in searches of cones, acorns and chestnuts. They should be taken more, and then to spread out to so many small groups, how many players. For example, in each small group there will be about 7 chestnuts, 10 acorns and 8 cones. Players sit down everyone before the small group and close eyes. At the command of the leader the players to the touch begin to separate and put in small groups separately: in one small group of a cone, in another chestnuts, in the third acorns. To count how many objects in each small group and after that to open eyes. The leader checks whether correctly the player sorted objects and called their quantity.

2. Game ""Autumn etude" "Description: each player remembers some tree, a flower, a blade, a bush … And here all players turn into the forest. About a fir-tree the fern grows, in a distance coltsfoot blossoms, and near it handsome a fly agaric towers … But here the fall came and … - strong wind blows - drizzles a rain - flows, in buckets, heavy rain - warms the sun - the first snow falls - frosts Came how the tree or a flower behaves? Children have to represent it.

3. Game ""Tourist's track" "Description: on asphalt we draw a twisting stream – wide, narrow. On each side from a stream a footpath, but on it hummocks sometimes meet and toadstool mushrooms grow. "Tourists" are built in one chain, put hands on shoulders to ahead costing, place legs on width of "stream" and slowly all together move forward. Sometimes to have very widely to place legs not to get to a stream, sometimes to jump over hummocks and to try not to get a leg to a toadstool. If you stumble and you will get a leg to a stream – you get up in the end of a chain If you do not jump over a hummock, has to jump on one leg Further and if you get a leg to a toadstool, the players who noticed it have to cry loudly: "Fuuuu!"

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