Children's overalls: practical advice for choice

Children's overalls: practical advice for choice

In Russia the most part of season there is quite cool weather. And the kid, most likely, needs not only winter overalls, but also easier, for the spring and fall. Qualitative things are quite expensive therefore not to lose with purchase, it is necessary to know what to pay attention when choosing to.

Winter overalls for the child - how to choose

If temperature on the street fell below zero than degrees, it is necessary to put on to the child warm outerwear. And overalls - just necessary thing in frosts. First, it monolithic, also does not pass wind and moisture. Secondly, it is simpler to put on the turning kid one thing, than two. Therefore many mothers choose this type of winter outerwear for the children.

When choosing winter overalls it is worth paying attention to many factors. The first is a lining. Modern synthetic materials very easy and warm, unlike used before a feather and sintepon. Best of all those which support a comfortable microclimate in clothes are suitable for kids (isosoftware, etc.). The feature of these heaters is that they do not pass moisture outside and keep enough heat inside, at the same time producing sweat. Thus, even if the kid sweated during the game, he will not be wet.

Besides heater it is worth paying attention to a lining. It is the best of all if it is made of natural materials - cotton or fleece. These fabrics perfectly pass sweat, without allowing the kid to become wet. Besides, natural materials do not cause allergies, it is possible to be quiet for skin of the kid. And here the top layer of fabric of overalls has to be dense, synthetic. Such materials do not pass moisture and very long do not wear out. There are models which have a bottom of a sleeve and a trouser-leg are strengthened by the rubberized fabric. It is very convenient, hands and legs of the kid precisely will remain dry even after circulation on a sleet and mouldings of snowmen. All the rest - an overalls coloring, availability or lack of fur on a hood - more esthetic factors, than practical. The only thing that can be important in external finishing - existence of reflective stickers. They will make walks on dark winter streets safer.

The choice of overalls for the spring and fall

Demi-season overalls should not be very warm that to the kid was not hot. One layer of light heater suffices. And here all other criteria remain the same - a natural lining which creates comfort to skin of the kid, and a waterproof synthetic top layer. It is worth paying attention to how the bottom of panties is executed. There are two options. The first - when it is sewed from light waterproof fabric. It is rather convenient, the bottom of overalls can be filled in rubber boots, and it will not be soiled. But at the same time, having stepped in a deep pool, the child can have wet feet, having scooped water a top. Therefore most often parents prefer the second option when panties are below strengthened by the rubberized fabric and have an elastic band. In this case to blot risk it is minimum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team