Duties of children

Duties of children

Children grow, and with age you try to impart to them the correct manners, the basic rules of hygiene and behavior. Duties of children of younger age come down to the main hygienic procedures, cleaning of a bed, toys and things.

Initially, the child with pleasure rushes on the apartment, helping adults to clean up. But, later, having learned that for example, it is necessary to brush teeth regularly, the fuse decreases. Here it is important, not to abuse the child, and it is tactful to him to remind of why it needs to be done. By rules of personal care and the body it is possible to show cartoons on this subject. And later to discuss them with the kid. At him, the set of questions, after viewing a cartoon for certain collected. If the child forgot to make something, accurately hint him about what he had to make.

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Independent clothing to fall somewhere on the period between two and three years. The child tries to put on itself, keeping out nobody of himself. Many parents all – try to help, expressing irritation. Since two years the child more – copes with a task less, but ahead still the most difficult – fastening of buttons. Handles do not obey, eyelets do not give in, the child is nervous, parents too. Help the child to resolve this complex problem. Clasp buttons in turn. And if the kid does not cope, support him, tell him that he is a good fellow, and next time at it all it to turn out. Here the main thing for the parent is to have patience. The help has to be tactful and have advisory nature. Support the kid in undertakings, and he will be grateful to you.

 Remove toys

How many times a day we say a hackneyed phrase! But the child does everything on mood. Does not react to remarks. And even rolls up a hysterics. In order that at the child became a habit to be cleaned up, you need to think over from tender age where he will put toys. It is good to get special boxes in the form of animals, or allocate small niches. Begin to remove together sentencing: "Machines will go to a garage to sleep", "We will lay dolls in a bed", "Let's put cubes in this magic sack". Thus, playing, spread out all toys in the places. It will be interesting to the child, and he with pleasure will clean up. Later it will become a habit. But, happens that the kid was too tired, or he is angry – help him. Such help will save you from excess altercations and quarrels, and will strengthen your friendly relations.

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