Early symptoms of pregnancy

Early symptoms of pregnancy

If there is a pregnancy probability, then any woman wants to learn about it as soon as possible. Irrespective of whether pregnancy will be desired or not, early diagnostics will help the woman to choose further options of actions. Early symptoms of pregnancy will help to lift the veil of secrecy of new life. To a delay the woman can learn about pregnancy, thanks to some changes in own organism.

Pregnancy symptoms. Reasons of their emergence

As a rule, conception falls on day after an ovulation. And at once after fertilization in an organism of the woman global changes begin. The first symptom of the beginning pregnancy is increase in hormone of progesterone. Thanks to it preparation for implantation of the impregnated ovum begins. If fetal egg was fixed in endometrium, then the woman becomes a pregnant woman. Usually from the conception moment before implantation there pass from 7 to 12 days. Therefore before this term of symptoms of pregnancy should not be.

Pregnancy symptoms to a delay

As it was already told progesterone earlier – pregnancy hormone. And exactly thanks to its accumulation in the woman's organism, the first symptoms of pregnancy appear. To a delay of menstruation the HGCh tests will hardly show pregnancy existence. And here knowing itself, the woman with ease can notice changes in the organism.

The main symptoms of pregnancy to a delay of menstruation

Feeling of fatigue and drowsiness, the lowered pressure. The same hormone progesterone becomes fault to it. One of its properties is expansion of vessels, as leads to such symptoms.

Headaches. Very often already pregnant women take this symptom for usual sign of overfatigue at work. The problem is that the woman, without knowing about the situation, can take the anesthetizing drugs contraindicated to pregnant women.

Increase in mammary glands - this symptom of pregnancy of the woman is very often confused with classical PMS. Besides increase, women complain also of hypersensibility of mammary glands.

Plentiful allocations. One more symptom of pregnancy is existence is more white. Glands of a neck of the uterus and a vagina begin to work strongly because of increase in a blood-groove to a uterus. But it is important to pay attention to the nature of allocations not to confuse with symptoms of inflammation or an infection. In a healthy organism of allocation will be a whitish shade or transparent, viscous consistence, without any smell. They should not cause burning or the naggers.

Frequent urination. This symptom is connected with increase in blood circulation in bodies of a small pelvis. Because of what receptors are irritated and there is desire to descend in a toilet.

If the woman breaks a diet, then emergence of a lock is possible. This problem can be found in pregnant women to a delay. At increase in amount of progesterone the rare chair can be noted.

Toxicosis or nausea at pregnant women can arise at any time. Not always it appears only in the mornings. The feeling sick can arise at any time. Also at the pregnant woman the sense of smell can become aggravated. Some smells can cause the strongest disgust. Flavoring preferences of the pregnant woman can cardinally exchange. As a result loss of appetite can become one more symptom of pregnancy.

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