Exercise on development of good relations between children

Exercise on development of good relations between children

Children learn to interact with each other and it is sometimes difficult to them to express the emotions especially related to other person. The game can be held in the yard, in kindergarten, in the camp, at school, on a children's holiday. And playing the games can become any adult who attentively studied rules of the game. The number of children has to be not less than 4, but also no more than 15.

It is required to you

  • Ball of color wool, package of candies.


1. Suggest children to sit down or get up all in one general circle. Tell children about a game: "Now we will play with you very interesting game. All of us together will make a big color web. We will give each other a ball to that person who than that is pleasant to us. For example you like eyes at Olya or Serezhin a shirt. Throwing a ball you have to tell what is pleasant to you in the boy chosen by you or the little girl"

2. Few times wind the free end of woolen thread around the palm and accurately throw a ball towards one of children, having told for example: "It is pleasant to me as Lenochka sings".

3. Track that the child slightly wound the palm with a thread and threw a ball to the following child, having explained the choice. You watch closely that the ball was received by each child.

4. After the ball several times stays in hands of all children, suggest to remove accurately threads from the hands and to place a spider line in "a package of pleasant things". The package of pleasant things" is a package of candies from which each child has to receive sweet.

5. Talk to children whether it was easy for them to make the choice and to tell pleasant things to other children? Explain that to tell pleasant, it is not necessary to wait for a game, and it is necessary to tell it at once when there is a wish. Explain that if someone made something unpleasant, then too at once it is necessary to approach and tell about the emotions but not to fight, not to complain, not to shout and not to cry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team