We do a lodge for Barbie by the hands

We do a lodge for Barbie by the hands

It is easy to buy a lodge for a favourite toy of Barbie in children's shop. However it is much more interesting to make it with own hands. Fascinating joint occupation of the adult and child not only will present many positive emotions, will give to the child the chance to dream up, but also will allow to save on rather expensive purchase.

It is required to you

  • cardboard box;
  • scissors;
  • knife;
  • glue;
  • adhesive tape;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • color cardboard;
  • carnations or stapler;
  • fret saw or file;


1. The easiest way of production of housing for Barbie is the house option from cardboard boxes. He does not assume use of difficult calculations and manipulations. The box should be pasted over with wall-paper or color cardboard, to cut through an aperture for a window, to paste a frame. If desired it is possible to make piers with doors.

2. Ready housing needs to be arranged with furniture. The cosiness to a doll lodge will be given also by the pictures issued by a framework from matches. Walls can be decorated with panoramas of rooms. The image on all wall with a balcony or a window opening with beautiful view will be interesting to look. The cardboard house for Barbie can be both one-storey, and multy-storey.

3. More difficult option is production of a lodge from a plywood or wooden framework. He assumes performing some calculations. The main essence will consist in the same box with openings for windows. Production of a roof and the front panel on canopies will allow the doll house in the closed state nothing to differ from the real building. To similarly old boxes for postal parcels, laths will become links of all preparations of future housing. Such building, in comparison with cardboard option, will be much stronger. At its registration it is possible to use spray paints.

4. Any type of the house for Barbie can be in modern or ancient style. Production of the high towers on a roof of the building imitating the Middle Ages lock will become an interesting idea. For this purpose plastic bottles will approach. The roof in the form of a cone can be made of cardboard. For giving of the invoice, the papier-mache is desirable to paste over similar preparations, and then to paint with imitation of a bricklaying. An internal part of such lock needs to be decorated with a fireplace and a fur rug nearby. Candlesticks from a food foil or plates of a golden shade will add a picture.

5. For Barbie it is important to involve the child in process of production of the house. He has to decide what will be housing for a favourite doll. At joint efforts of the adult and child it is possible to make unusual and very beautiful building.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team