From what age to disaccustom the child to a pacifier

From what age to disaccustom the child to a pacifier

Sooner or later all parents begin to think of a question of when after all it is worth disaccustoming the child to a dummy and as it is better to make it not to injure the kid. Each person is individual, and children, especially, therefore also approach to the child has to be individual, and his reaction to changes will be special.

How many does the child have to suck a pacifier?

By means of a pacifier children satisfy the congenital sosatelny reflex. It is not surprising that long sucking of a pacifier leads the small child to accustoming. Therefore at the age of more than one year it is worth beginning to disaccustom to this habit gradually. The less often you give a pacifier to the kid, the less he will notice its absence. And when among skills of the baby there are first words, the pacifier just prevents to tell and express the emotions that can slow down development of the child.

Aged from 8 months up to one and a half years at children the chewing reflex begins to be shown, and then to refuse a pacifier much more simply. Though to kids who are on artificial feeding the dummy helps to develop muscles of language and the lower jaw as the high probability of formation of a distal bite, and a sosatelny reflex remains unsatisfied up to the end.

Children bottle-fed babies by means of a dummy satisfy a sosatelny reflex, such thing can become some kind of replacement of a maternal breast.

From the moment of emergence of the first teeth the child just needs change of a diet at which there will be a firm food. It will help to create the correct bite and to promote the correct growth of good and healthy teeth. Once the thicket replaces a pacifier with something another more useful, for example, a special silicone rattle or a tasty bagel which your child will eat not just, but also at the same time to develop a chewing reflex, and just to scratch a gum that will promote more painless eruption of the very first milk teeth.

How to disaccustom the child to a dummy?

Anyway, it is necessary to disaccustom the child to a pacifier so that this process psychologically did not injure it. Any changes in everyday life is a stress for the child. You should not take away a pacifier if the child is ill or not in mood.

Your similar actions can only aggravate its state, and further any changes will cause a continuous negative.

If your child well develops, he has an excellent mood, and he at that age when it is already possible to agree with it, you just should explain that the pacifier is not necessary any more that it stirs. This situation can be beaten interestingly, for example, during walk to give a pacifier to a doggie for which it is boring and the pacifier is necessary to it more, than to the kid. It will be interesting to child to share joy with an unfamiliar doggie and just to make a good deed.

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